Sid Sriram’s Latest Performance Highlights His Familial Ties To Musical Excellence

Sid Sriram recently performed with The SLGV Carnatic choir, led by none other than his own mother, Latha Sriram.
Sid Sriram recently performed with The SLGV Carnatic choir, led by none other than his own mother, Latha Sriram.Sid Sriram

In the world of music, there are artists who play within the boundaries of their genre and then there's Sid Sriram, a true hybridist. Born in Chennai, India, and transplanted to the San Francisco Bay Area at the tender age of one, Sriram's life journey has been a dance between two distinct cultural rhythms. This rich tapestry of experiences has woven its way into his latest album, Siddhartha, and was vividly on display during a mesmerizing live performance of the track Do the Dance.

The performance of Do the Dance is a visual and auditory spectacle that leaves a profound impact. The frame has an exquisite composition, a visual frame unlike any other, capturing the essence of the song's magnetic allure. But what truly sets this moment apart is the inclusion of children from The SLGV Carnatic choir, led by none other than Sid Sriram's own mother, Latha Sriram. This added layer of personal connection makes the performance even more special, creating a harmonious blend of familial ties and musical excellence.

Watch it below.

Sid Sriram's music defies categorization, boldly intersecting Pop/Soul, Indian Classical roots, and alternative/ambient genres. It's a collision of worlds that resonates deeply with listeners. His journey through the Berklee College of Music, where he earned a degree in Music Production and Engineering, served as the crucible for the development of his unique sound. Through the fusion of cultural influences and genre-bending compositions, Sriram has cultivated an ever-growing, dedicated fanbase that spans the globe. His live performances are nothing short of exhilarating, drawing thousands to venues for emotionally immersive shows that linger in the heart long after the final note.

Siddhartha, the artist's latest album, is a testament to his musical prowess. Recorded at the renowned studio of Ryan Olson in Minneapolis, and supported by the likes of Justin Vernon from Bon Iver, the album is a stunning showcase of Sid Sriram's ability to seamlessly blend Indian and Western classical music, rock, and electronic elements. It's a sonic journey that invites listeners to explore the depths of musical fusion, where boundaries are merely suggestions.

Listen to Siddhartha here and follow Sid here.