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Homegrown's New Music Round-Up
Homegrown's New Music Round-UpL: OAFF R: Zaeden

Welcome to Homegrown's New Music Round-Up, the ultimate destination for discovering the week's hottest releases across all genres. Each week, we curate a handpicked and homegrown selection of fresh sounds. This week features indie pop, breaks and more.

Two Thousand Eighteen by Jafa

Jugaad Motion Pictures' independent record label, Molfa Music introduces JAFA with her debut single, Two Thousand Eighteen. At just 22 years old, singer-songwriter and producer Ananya Jafa showcases a compelling blend of whimsy and raw authenticity, underpinned by her captivating voice. In the track, JAFA delves into intricate themes like manipulation and emotional abuse in relationships, effortlessly navigating her own emotional vulnerability. The single offers a self-aware perspective, starting from the innocence of an 18-year-old while acknowledging the folly of youth and the validity of the pain experienced during that tumultuous period in 2018.

Listen to it below.

Dokhi Na by OAFF

Renowned composer-producer OAFF releases a new single Dokhi Na. Sung by the talented Anumita Nadesan, this ethereal folk track beautifully weaves together Bengali and Awadhi dialects with Hindi lyrics penned by celebrated lyricist Kausar Munir. Following the immense success of a one-minute preview in January 2021, fans have eagerly anticipated the full version. Dokhi Na explores the enduring theme of love and separation, narrating the tale of two deeply attached lovers forced apart by unforeseen circumstances. Their separation is marked by the tender reminders of nature, offering solace and nurturing their hope for a future reunion.

Listen to it below.

Breaky Acid by Oceantide, Yung.Raj

Compilation album DIALOGUES OF DANCE VOL. 1 marks AMNAP Records' debut release, offering an electrifying blend of genres central to the contemporary rave scene. It combines deep, pulsating basslines for a heart-steadying effect with high-tempo, intricate, and syncopated patterns that defy conventional rhythmic norms, creating a diverse musical tapestry reflecting the myriad emotions encountered at raves. The track Breaky Acid by Indian electronic artists Oceantied & Yung.Raj stands out as a dynamic sonic fusion weaving together elements of breaks, acid, dub, and bass music for a fluid but power-packed bomb of a track.

Dreams by Zaeden

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Zaeden has unveiled his latest Punjabi single, Dreams, a heartfelt portrayal of unspoken love. The song narrates the story of a boy struggling to convey his feelings to his love interest, hindered by his shy disposition. Despite his attempts to maintain a cool and flirtatious exterior, an internal conflict emerges as he grapples with his inability to express his emotions when she's near. With captivating Punjabi lyrics, scintillating synths, and a rhythmic kick and snare drum pattern, Zaeden's vocals add a touch of affection to the track, creating an enchanting sonic experience.

Listen to it below.

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