Anoushka Maskey's New Single Captures The Agony Of Long-Distance Relationships

Homegrown features Anoushka Maskey’s new single.
Anoushka Maskey's New Single Captures The Agony Of Long-Distance Relationships
Image Courtesy: Anoushka Maskey

Anoushka Maskey is an Indian singer-songwriter, from Sikkim based in Mumbai. With her roots set in folk music and a fondness for storytelling, she identifies as a lyrics-first
musician. Her sound, as well as songwriting, connotes a warm; almost nostalgic feel and she aims to continue making honest music and creating from the heart.

She launched her career in 2020 with the release of two back-to-back EPs, Things I Saw in a Dream (August 2020) and C.E.A.S.E (September 2020) which was also ranked #3 on the ‘10 Best EPs of 2020’ by Rolling Stone India. Following that, she released her singles September Embers (December 2020) and Empire of Fear (April 2021). Her music has performed fairly well across both streaming platforms and YouTube, having crossed 100K+ streams within a few months of her first release. In September 2020, she won a PAN India Singer-Songwriter contest organised by OKListen and Compass Box Studio.

Her new long-awaited single, ‘So Long, Already. Again’ was released today. Produced by artist Pranay Bakshi AKA Cosmic grooves, this single is an exploration of the essence of a long-distance relationship. Pranay and Anoushka have been collaborating for a long time. She also featured in his album, ‘5 am Metamorphosis’. Although they have worked together on numerous other projects, this is Pranay’s first feature in a music video with Anoushka which was directed and produced by Cutreel films.

Drawn directly from their personal lives, the song traverses through the unprecedented nature of a long-distance relationship by presenting the idea that while one would expect to get accustomed to something that happens often, the act of separating and reuniting time and time again is something you never truly get used to. The lyrics exude the fatigue of a love life swayed by distance and the single itself is a peek into their relationship and a musical interpretation of the tribulations they lived through.

You can listen to it here.

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