#HGMusic: Start Your Week With Some New Releases From Foenix, LAVI & More

The Homegrown Music Round-Up
The Homegrown Music Round-UpL: Ankur Tewari R: Shaq-T & Dasa

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Ghum by Foenix & LAVI

Following their EP "No Phones At The Dinner Table," that skillfully combined vintage pop and funk with contemporary production techniques, Bengaluru-based duo Foenix & LAVI ventures into new territory with their debut 'Hinglish' track. LAVI's soulful vocals intertwine seamlessly with Foenix's nostalgic synth-laden dance music and crisp guitar riffs, resulting in a meticulously crafted electronic soundscape. The track encapsulates a blend of disco, funk, and electronic elements, while LAVI's ethereal voice explores themes of being lost, creating an emotive retro-modern experience that promises to captivate the dance floor.

Listen to it below.

Akela by Ankur Tewari

The title track of Ankur Tewari's latest album, Akela artfully captures the poignant emotion of loneliness following a loss. Departing from his customary acoustic style, the track delves into a haunting and atmospheric sonic landscape, unveiling a deeper facet of Ankur's artistry. The album serves as a tapestry of emotions encompassing love, loss, and aspirations. Born out of the pandemic's seclusion, the album takes on an investigative quality, focusing on relationships and the profound experience of solitude. Ankur's creative journey is laid bare through this musical offering, a reflective embodiment of his emotions during that period.

Listen to it below.

Throw It by Shaq-T & Dasa ft. DHP

The latest track by Shaq-T & Dasa featuring DHP, is a dynamic and lively production that showcases the duo's musical dexterity. Clocking in at 176 seconds, the track undergoes multiple gear shifts, exuding a spirited energy. The second part of the EP, featuring King Sinister, pays homage to the West Coast, reflecting the Coimbatore-bred pair's remarkable ability to seamlessly navigate between global and local influences. Beyond the music, the accompanying music video, divided into two parts, serves as a tribute to their shared passion for car racing and their hometown of Coimbatore, a renowned hub for motorsports in India.

Listen to Part 1 below.