Varun Mehta Is A Tattoo Artist Bringing Versatility & Unique Artistry To The Subculture

Varun Mehta Is A Tattoo Artist Bringing Versatility & Unique Artistry To The Subculture
Varun Mehta

The tattoo subculture in India has grown exponentially in the last few decades. Having become a common art form of self-expression, tattoos are sought out by a lot of people; both young and old. Tattoo artists all across the country are developing their brands and creating a culture of modern human expression. In the city capital, there is an artist indulging in the same movement.

We’re talking about Garden Of Eden by Varun Mehta. Varun is a tattoo artist originally from Panipat, Haryana who runs his studio based in Delhi. He has been in the industry for a while and has gathered acclaim for his inks on both national and international artists. Located in Haus Khaz village, Garden Of Eden was previously known as Swastika Tattoos and is a go-to studio for inks and piercings in the city. It’s housed by other tattoo artists working alongside Varun.

“I started as a tattoo artist 12 years ago. Did my first tattoo in school with rose thorns and fabric colour and now years later, here I am working with the best tattoo artists in Delhi in my own studio. Still got a long way to go.” shares Varun in a feature on sss magazine.

Apart from tattoos, Varun is influenced by hip-hop, art and music. Among Indian musicians, he admires Prabhdeep because of his conscious music and is also a fan of Ayleo Bowles and Mateo Bowles, better known as Ayo & Teo, who are a duo of dancers and musicians from Ann Arbor, Michigan. While attending one of their concerts in the city Varun also ended up befriending the artists who then visited his studio and got inked by him.


Ayo got three angel rings inked on his right forearm. Teo too opted for the same angel rings but got them inked on his shoulders instead. He, additionally, got a Hindi phrase written on his triceps as well. Even Varun got inked by the pop star duo. Having a keen interest in anime, Ayo and Teo have been sketching Naruto’s characters with pencils. When they showed the sketches to Varun, he instantly asked them to try their first-ever tattoo on him. The pop stars obliged and absolutely loved the idea, and eventually tattooed their logos on his wrist.

From micro realism, realism, geometry and customized mandalas to traditional Japanese sleeves, scar cover-ups, minimalist old-school tattoos and permanent cosmetic lip tattoos, the studio has created endless designs for many clients. They also do rook, orbital & anti-tragus, tongue frenulum, belly button and nose piercings. So if you’re in the city and looking to get inked or pierced, give them a visit.

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