Langur Lucid's iPad Produced EP Intersects Gen Z Angst With A Sincere Nonchalance

Langur Ji Ke Niraashabhare Chintan
Langur Ji Ke Niraashabhare ChintanLangur Lucid

What once was a snide remark for the amateur has now turned into a wave of independent 'bedroom DJs/producers' who are breaking barriers and reshaping the industry with their music from the comfort of their own homes. Bedroom producers include the likes of Steve Lacy, Flume and even multiple Grammy-winner Finneas O'Connell. Cultivating his musical craft in the same regard is Langur Lucid, a 24-year-old Indian Indie artist hailing from Kozhikode, Kerala who just released his second music project that was produced, written and recorded entirely in his own home on an iPad.

After his debut indie pop album, Edible Ennui, the artist has moved on from that dreamy bedroom-esque sound towards experimenting with more of an electronic and house-inspired EP, Langur Ji Ke Niraashabhare Chintan. Sonically, the EP delves into genres like electronic, nu-disco, house and synth music featuring playful Hindi lyrics with influences from Carnatic music and even traditional Indian percussions on one of the tracks.

Langur Ji Ke Niraashabhare Chintan
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The 4-track-EP forms a concise and delightful sonic experience, showcasing Langur Lucid's growth and versatility as an artist. Groovy basslines create a solid foundation, while the infectious and catchy vocals weave their way into the listener's mind. Intricate synth work adds layers of depth and texture, elevating the compositions to new heights. Drawing inspiration from revered artists such as FredAgain, Daft Punk, and LewisOfMan, Langur Lucid successfully carves his own sonic identity within the realm of electronic music.

The EP's title — 'Langur Ji Ke Niraashabhare Chintan', loosely translates to Mr Langur's melancholic ponderings and carries the same Gen Z sensibilities that amalgamate the despair of the human experience with biting dark humour. Langur Lucid, however, manages to approach this bittersweet inward journey with sincerety, nonchalance and a charm that will make you settle down comfortably in your own skin. The EP channels the very ethos behind electronic music that can traverse the darker corners of human emotion with an undercurrent of acceptance and playfulness; all while making us do our li'l dancy dance.

Follow Langur Lucid here and listen to the EP here.

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