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Deep Cuts
Deep Cuts Onno Collective

Onno Collective, an independent record label and audiovisual collective hailing from Kolkata, is dedicated to showcasing and promoting the vibrant world of contemporary and experimental music, as well as visual arts, emerging from India. With a mission to foster a dynamic dialogue between visual artists and musicians, Onno Collective curates unique audiovisual releases that combine music with accompanying visuals, such as video art and zines, to create a multi-sensory experience for its audience. In a convergence of different electronic influences, Onno Collective's second annual charity compilation album, Deep Cuts takes us through the diverse musical landscape of India's underground electronic landscape.

Deep Cuts, with its 15 carefully curated tracks, which was also released in a limited-edition cassette version, provides a mesmerizing journey through the diverse musical styles prevalent in India today. The compilation features a wide spectrum of sounds, ranging from soothing ambient tunes embellished with beautiful environmental sounds, traditional Indian melodies, and rhythmic traditions, to more abstract and experimental compositions. The collection reflects the artists' affinity for modern electronics, as they fearlessly embrace noise, glitch, and psychedelia, drawing inspiration from global electronic music trends.

Deep Cuts - Onno Collective
Deep Cuts - Onno CollectiveOnno Collective

Deep Cuts serves as an enticing window into India's burgeoning electronic music scene. ONNO Collective's compilation seeks to introduce listeners to some of the most distinct and innovative voices in the genre. By featuring tracks from artists hailing from different regions of India, the album highlights the breadth and depth of individualistic electronic music exploration happening across the country. From bustling cities to remote corners, these artists bring their unique perspectives and influences to the table, creating a vibrant tapestry of sonic expressions.

Onno Collective's sold-out album dedicated its release to supporting local folk musicians in India through their partnership with the Anahad Foundation. All proceeds from the album's sales were directed to the Anahad Artist Relief Fund, a remarkable initiative established by the NGO, that works towards the conservation-preservation-evolution-sustainability of folk musical heritage in India, by empowering the folk musicians.

You can listen to it here and follow Onno Collective here.

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