#HGMusic: Start Your Week With New Releases From Hiraeth, Khus Fir, & More

Catch up on all the latest releases from the past week.
Catch up on all the latest releases from the past week. L: Khus Fir R: I7HVN

Welcome to Homegrown's New Music Monday, the ultimate destination for discovering the week's hottest releases across all genres. Each Monday, we curate a handpicked and homegrown selection of fresh sounds. This week features RnB, Deep House, and more

Imaginary Love by I7HVN ft. Sanoli Chowdhury

'Imaginary Love' by Bangalore-based producer I7HVN presents a departure from the artist's typical style of abstract, textured interpretations of trip-hop, IDM, and breaks found throughout the rest of the album. Instead, this particular track emphasizes vocals performed by singer-songwriter Sanoli Chowdhury and the presence of a piano. Upon closer inspection, it becomes evident that, in addition to Sanoli's poetic lyrics and delicate delivery, the song's other musical elements take center stage, including the arrangement of echoing syllables, skillfully crafted reverberation and the spaces created between pads and strings.

Listen to it below.

Save The Living by Hiraeth

Guwahati-based contemporary experimental band Hiraeth’s debut single, Save The Living serves as a poignant reminder of how vital it is to protect and nurture the environment from which we originate. We risk endangering our survival by neglecting our responsibility to shield the greens around us. Hiraeth passionately asserts that maintaining this delicate balance is crucial for our collective human identity. Save The Living is a compelling call to action, encouraging listeners to reflect on their relationship with nature and positively impact the world around them. Through their heartfelt music and captivating lyrics, Hiraeth aims to ignite a collective consciousness for environmental preservation.

Listen to it below.

Ruby by Saahel

Mumbai-based Indie pop singer, Saahel has released his latest single Ruby, a song that talks about vintage love; a love that is pure, innocent, gullible, honest and gentle. The track attempts to transport listeners back to the golden era of romance, away from the modern connotations of love and remind them of the nostalgia associated with retro Bollywood films. Ruby is a homage to the timeless beauty of old school love. With its minimalistic soundscape and entrancing captivity, the song through its lyrics beautifully weaves a world where love is all-encompassing and mesmerizing. The song promises to be a standout addition to the artist’s discography.

Listen to it below.

There's Something There by Khus Fir

Khus Fir, the stage name of Indian artist Rishabh Iyer, is a prominent figure in Bangalore's vibrant electronic music scene. Since 2012, Rishabh has been actively involved in producing, performing, and releasing music, immersing himself in the creative realm and evolving his sound and artistic identity over time. After releasing two albums Tourguide Impostor and Standing Feathers, along with the EP titled To Each Their Own under the alias Worms' Cottage, Rishabh unveiled a captivating 6-track EP On Talons, marking his debut under the name Khus Fir. His latest track There's Something There serves as both the lead single from his upcoming album and the initial source of inspiration for the album's overall sound.

Listen to it below.

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