Frizzell D'Souza's Debut EP Is A Reflective & Bittersweet Exploration Of Love

Frizzell D'Souza's Debut EP Is A Reflective & Bittersweet Exploration Of Love
Image Courtesy: Frizzell D'Souza

Frizzell D’souza is a beloved Indie artist from Bangalore. She has released four singles since 2018 and has garnered a collective audience of around 55,000 listeners across her social media. This year, she’s back with a brand-new Pop EP as a singer/songwriter, set out to release on 14th October. It’s produced by Varun Murali, the guitarist of the acclaimed folk-rock band Swarathma, who also composes and teaches music. This project came to fruition through a crowdfunding campaign that was organized in collaboration with Original Dog, a platform dedicated to supporting independent artists.

Apart from being an architecture student, Frizzell has a penchant for songwriting and simple melodies. The core of her music lies in translating emotions influenced by her love for retro classics and indie music. She has previously worked in the genres of Country Blues, Dream Pop, Acoustic Dream Pop, Love Ballad, and Soul.

Frizzell’s music endeavours began on YouTube in 2018 with renditions of the classics, jazz artists and the like. She made her debut in the independent music industry with her single ‘New’ in August 2020. Her song, ‘Foolish Once Again’ also earned her a feature on the cover of Spotify India’s Radar playlist in May 2021.

Her upcoming EP, ‘The Hills Know Of You’ is a classic tale of love, with an emphasis on its power to transpire in a thousand different ways. The underlying theme of the EP is the relationship one has with themselves, the way we love and are loved, and the way we pick ourselves up out of a broken heart and learn to love ourselves again. The stories in this EP vary from personal journal entries to conversations between close friends and internal monologues that found their way into this musical production.

‘The Hills Know Of You’ consists of 5 tracks, a title track of the same name, ‘Busy Loving You’, ‘Maybe Tomorrow’, ‘Interlude’, and ‘Just As Easily’. The EP plays with emotional and deeply personal themes like the warm elating feeling of a romantic relationship mixed with loneliness, angst, and self-doubt. The soft acoustics paired with Frizzell’s soothing, poignant voice and the layered harmonies over some really thoughtful and nostalgic lyricism makes for a bittersweet symphony that pierces your heart instantly.

The EP will be available from 14th October. You can listen to it here.

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