‘New Fusion Movements’ : Listen To Okedo & Pluto Monkey’s New Layered & Textural EP

New Fusion Movements
New Fusion MovementsOkedo & Pluto Monkey

Electronic music is a vast universe with genres and subgenres existing together under one big umbrella term. While house, techno, drum n bass and dubstep have largely been in the spotlight due to their distinct personalities, the salt of the earth still lies in the experimental side of the medium where bedroom producers traverse the subtle rhythms and eclectic sonic textures birthing whole new styles of music that is hard to define but deeply gratifying. One such collection of tunes comes from the collaboration of two Indian artists, Okedo and Pluto Monkey.

Okedo is the collective brainchild of the electronica duo Ishaan Gandhi and Will Clark, delivering versatile, synthesiser-heavy tunes that find parlance in everything from indie-pop to Afrobeat and glitch music to psychedelia. Pluto Monkey is the moniker of Antriksh Mohapatra, a sessions musician and record imprint creator of Pluto Monkey Records & Creative Bin Records based out of New Delhi, India. After much travel and study in the French territories, his passion and curiosity to work with other musicians in the independent field have always encouraged him to keep working on his craft and champion what he calls a “purely independent art form”.

The 6-track EP is a testament to the layered production and sampling by the artists. With recurring and unusual but hypnotic basslines, organic timbres and sounds from all across the spectrum, each track is a meditation in downtempo, ambient atmospheres. Some tracks do have an echo of house structures but their use of synth, dub, and sounds from lo-fi hip-hop and psychedelia bring a whole new flavour to the feast.

Within just a couple of Sunday jams, both artists knew they had embarked on a journey, deep into their subconscious, to manifest a mix of colorful rhythms and harmonious resonances. New Fusion Movements is described as "...the product of two lonely, strange, introverted, broke, average-looking, lazy, multi-disciplinary, multi-instrumentalists getting together and jamming with the limited set of tools and skills they possess to give India what it needs the most — authentic live dance music."

Listen to New Fusion Movements here.

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