'Paseena' Is A Hip-Hop Single Capturing The Struggles Of Artistic Pursuit

Prithvi and Mohak
Prithvi and Mohak Prithvi and Mohak

The grind might have a newer, softer exterior these days that encourages rest and reflection but its core still happens to be the same old life-long quest of achieving our goals. It's testing, personal and demands evolution; a particularly profound one if you happen to fall in the landscapes of art. Two Mumbai-based artists dive into this relentless pursuit of dreams in an expressive audio-visual journey.

Prithvi and Mohak recently released a new-age electronic hip-hop track from the POV of an artist who is frustrated with being taken for granted. Mohak snaps out of the calm and vibrant image he had created for himself, in a confident tone aiming to be heard and taken seriously. The artist employs a high-definition black and white aesthetic to translate the same as opposed to his usual colourful and vibrant visual branding. 

Prithvi Shetty is an independent musician whose work revolves around a very distinct sound welcoming experiential inclusion of vintage, dusty instrumental compositions into modern new-age hip hop & RnB music. Mohak is an independent hip-hop artist who believes in the power of music as the common denominator. His words serve to convey the truth as he sees it and his music is a translation of the raw emotions of reality. His keen interest in storytelling drives him to paint a vivid picture in the head of his listeners through language.

Prithvi's new-age production along with Mohak’s delivery unites in a dynamic track that pays an ode to shedding sweat and blood to conquer all their through an alternative, modern, and lyrical hip-hop with a gritty, underground soundscape.

Watch the music video below.

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