Dhruv Kapoor’s Latest Single Depicts How Self-Perception Changes With The Seasons

Dhruv Kapoor
Dhruv KapoorDhruv Kapoor

Summer is almost here; long days and breezy evenings where life just slows down no matter where you are. As kids summers meant freedom, no school, months to ourselves and a limitless world out there to do whatever we wanted. Even as we grow older that same impression of summer stays with us and every year we slip into the sweet caramel of lazy warm weather and the vacation state of mind.

Reflecting on the change the new season brings, Dhruv Kapoor, a New-Delhi-based indie-folk singer-songwriter is releasing his his single Summer which is the product of his collaboration with with singer Zoe Siddharth, on March 1st.

The artist shares, "The song is about seasons; our perception and reflection of ourselves in changing times. The sense of comfort we feel when we see nature change with us. Are we mirroring nature or does it mirror us? I don't know the answer, but I love the comfort of this ambiguity and how it allows me to be different versions of myself."

Dhruv produces warm ballads accompanied with delicate accoustic melodies and minimal pop production in both English and Hindi. Since the beginning of his musical career in 2017, he has released two EPs, four singles, with an upcoming EP set to release late 2023 along with other singles this year. Bringing new upcoming collabs with Vasu Raina, Hanita Bhambri and more, Dhurv is stepping into new musical territories with his latest project encapsulating the feeling of longing, peace, and the existence of artists in today's world.

You can follow Dhruv's music here.

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