Homegrown Music Videos On Our Radar

Homegrown Music Videos On Our Radar

Music is an intimate and wholesome medium of communication and expression in itself. But with the visual aid and narrative direction of music videos, it becomes part of an artistic culture that was prevalent in the 90s and 2000s in India with pop music. It imprinted itself on our minds and was an endearing experience of our childhood and teen years essentially forming our perspectives and shaping our music and film tastes. That culture which died for a while has started to emerge again with the rise of independent artists. In the last few years, music videos have become another stylistic expression of musicians that are not limited by the medium to spread their message. Crafting their own stories and playing with concepts as a part of the music, artists are slowly bring back the audio-visual storytelling culture we all know and love.

In our similar themed curation, here are some artists with their latest music videos you should check out.

Izzat - Prabhdeep

Prabhdeep's new album, 'Bhram' is probably the best body of work by an Indian artist this year. "A profound look at the man-made illusions that have become intrinsic to human civilization," the album is sensational in its message and production. Prabhdeep is slowly releasing the music videos for each of his tracks. The latest one out now is for 'Izzat' which navigates the mutual relationship between an individual’s environment and their subconscious. The video is a warm and endearing visual take of Prabh as he drives through his neighbourhood cerebrally symbolic of his shame about his origins and guilt as he moves on to a life of fame and power. It's a classic Prabhdeep production known to connect to people's hearts.

Watch the music video below.

The Queen - Bulli Bainbridge ft. Trichia Grace-Ann

Composed, produced and mixed by Mumbai-based Bulli Bainbridge and written by musician and educator, Trichia Grace-Ann, The Queen is a stunning music video directed by Meghna Bhalla. The track is pre-released as a snippet of their album, 'seasons' coming out in January next year. Trichia is in the video herself with a few spirited dancers reclaiming her femininity and power with some heavy, uplifting and quirky bars in smoke, vivid neon colours and all her glory.

Watch it below.

Feelings - Meba Ofilia

Hailing from Shillong, Meghalaya, Meba is an Indian rapper, singer-songwriter who quit law school to pursue her dream in music. She is known for her popular track 'Done Talking' featuring Big Ri, from Khasi Bloodz, a Shillong-based hip-hop duo. She recently released a music video for the single, 'Feelings' from her debut album untitled.SHG, which was written at the time of pandemic when everyone's life turned dark and uncertain. With Meba dancing in her room, the video depicts the lockdown and how we coped with it in our own ways.

Check it out below.

RIOT - Curtis Waters ft. Chlothegod

Abhinav Bastakoti, known by his moniker Curtis Waters, is a Canadian-American musician and songwriter. He is known for his self-produced 2020 debut single, 'Stunnin' which became a worldwide hit and made him the first Nepal-born musical artist to achieve international success. His latest track, RIOT was created with his childhood friend, Chlo and is a single leading up to his album by the same name. Directed by Curtis himself the video came out a few weeks ago and has a 2000's cinematic style to it with two friends just having fun with hip-hop.

Check it out below.

Is It You That I Want - Curtain Blue

Curtain Blue is the moniker and solo project of Abhishek Bhatia who is a singer, producer and a member of the Delhi-based band, The Circus. Fusing haunting vocal melodies with down tempo and bass sensibilities, he is trying to create a textural blend which he can call his own. The artist draws inspiration from Radiohead, Apparat and Flume who are really different in genre and his music, that has a style of all of them in it, reflects that fusion. His latest single, Is 'It You That I Want' released with Export Quality Records has a new trippy and disorienting music video playing with VR, lighting effects, patterns and distortions that match the sonic energy of the experimental electronic track.

Watch the video below.

Jab Se Aaya Tu - Rohan Kamath

Rohan is an indie singer and songwriter known for his tracks, 'Paani' and 'Bas Ho Mere'. The artist is based in Mumbai and writes melodic, accousic tracks. His latest single, 'Jab Se Aaya Tu' is about the special person who brightens up your life and feels like a breath of fresh air. Born in the first lockdown, the song is about gratitude urging us to be grateful to that event, person or even our pet who walked into our life, formed a special connection and changed it. The music video for the song is a simple and sweet depiction of the joy a pet can bring into a child's life.

Watch it below.

Raushni - Samar Mehdi

Samar Mehdi is a percussive guitarist and singer-songwriter from Bhopal. He emerged as one of the best guitarists from his region, and that led to his invitation to being part of the bands - Acrimony and The Ferryclock Yarns. Last year a post from the artist went viral as he described a horrible experience he had while performing at Imperfecto in Delhi, getting catcalled, abused and heckled by a group of drunk bankers for his accoustic music. Samar later announced that he doesn't except the apology from Imperfecto and will never perform there again, taking a stand for the derogatory behaviours musicians and performer face all around the country. His latest song Raushni is a tribute to people that have brought joy in our lives and that may not be here anymore. With themes of family, friendship and queer love the video is an ode to the memories we make with people as we go through life.

Check it out below.