Polar Lights’ New Album Intersects Themes Of Change & The Burden Of Expectation

Polar Lights’ New Album Intersects Themes Of Change & The Burden Of Expectation
Polar Lights

Nagaland, with its rich cultural heritage and scintillating landscapes, is a traveler’s delight. Old Naga traditional homes have a legacy of storytelling where many of their folktales, folksongs, and stories of their rich culture and tradition have been passed on, from generation to generation. It’s popularly known as the ‘land of festivals’ where every tribal festival is celebrated with vivacity, adorned with rich and colorful traditional attires. Apart from being a melting pot of cultures, Nagaland is also an artist hub. Despite its remote location, artists from this region are highly recognized in their fields – especially musicians. The northeastern state produces some of the country’s best original music artists.

One of them being the Indie/alternative rock band, Polar Lights. With Jamir as frontman, the band features Temjen Jamir on the guitars, Arenungsang Jamir on backing vocals and guitars, Moa Pongen on the drums and Lanu on bass. Formed in 2013, The band is behind some popular singles such as Murder Machine, Empty Hallway and A Candle Light, and Beautiful Escape. The band also released its only EP, Talking to The Trees, in 2016. After four years in the making, their latest album, To feel Human was released on October 22 with a music video for one of the tracks out recently.

The album was recorded live, mixed and mastered at Jam Studio 11 in Dimapur and consists of eight tracks. The band describes the album as an attempt to tell stories of human emotion and life. Mar Jamir, the lead singer tells us in the Fabled Talks podcast that the album is about embracing change.

“The album has actually taken me to some dark places and, at the same time, dragged me out of it. Having to live through all these moments, whether it’s good or bad, is what makes us human,” He adds.

Mar’s favourite track on the album is Electric as the band focuses and prides on their live acts and the band highly enjoys performing the particular track for the audience.

The track Castles is an emotional tour into the tormented mind of the singer which also shines through in relatability. A blend of wonders and regrets, the track explores the journey the singer has taken through the band. His struggles with mental health and the apologies to his family for choosing a different path from their expectations come forward in the heartfelt lyricism. Visually represented by a face covered in bandages, the song symbolizes the suffocation a turmoil of emotions can instigate. His voice creates the perfect atmosphere that lures the viewers into the mood of the track instantly. Also noteworthy is the guitar solo that reminds us why we love rock. It energizes the whole track and leaves us with a lift-off and a feeling of bittersweet liberation.

Polar Lights have built a dedicated fanbase by virtue of truth and realness in their music and the soulful, kinetic quality of their sound. Fans who connect to their music consider them highly underrated. The band’s live performances are ethereal, once-in-a-lifetime experiences and they’re truly a marvel in the indie-rock scene.

You can listen to the full album here.