Lotus Flower’s New Music Video Is A Cinematic Elegy To The Fragility Of Life

"Death comes for us all; even at our birth-- even at our birth, death does but stand aside a little. And every day he looks towards us and muses somewhat to himself whether that day or the next he will draw nigh."

- Robert Bolt.

Death and the entire spectrum of experience that comes with its anticipation is encapsulated in new track called 'Wilting', by Berlin-based music project Lotus Flower aka Shriraj Sagara, which expands on themes of grief, vulnerability, and human kind's inevitable dance with mortality. The song's lyrical tapestry paints a picture of emotional turmoil, with imagery depicting light fading into darkness; symbolizing the journey from one state of being to another. The haunting refrain, "You better not try me," echoes a defiance tinged with vulnerability, hinting at a struggle against the inexorable forces of life's transitions.

Accompanying this musical narrative is a visually striking music video crafted by Shantanu Sagara, a Mumbai-based filmmaker. The video delves deeper into the themes of denial and surrender; employing flowers as a metaphor for life and death. As the ghostly figure of a flower creature flees from an unseen pursuer, a palpable tension builds; mirroring the song's intensity. This tension, threaded with moments of fleeting beauty and impending doom, underscores the inevitability of life's pursuit and the ultimate acceptance of our mortality. The flowers in Wilting are inspired by Indian funeral rituals, evoking a sombre yet graceful sence of farewell. This powerful imagery, which infused with a sense of closure devoid of elegance, leaves a lingering impact.

The video's poignant climax reveals the pursuer as a grieving woman, followed by a procession of mourners, symbolizing a profound acceptance of life's transient nature. The emergence of a naked man from the debris of wilting flowers symbolizes renewal and transition; prompting reflection on the cyclical nature of existence and the surrender we all must eventually face. Wilting not only captivates with its musical soundscapes but also resonates on a deeper, introspective level; inviting listeners to contemplate the complexities of life, loss, and the beauty found in surrendering to the natural rhythms of existence.

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