Meet Muddra, An Art Toy Merging Indian Tradition & Spirituality With Sci-Fi Storytelling

MuddraDilpreet Singh

Found across religions like Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism, mudras hold a special place as symbolic and ritualistic gestures with profound historical significance. Derived from the Sanskrit word for 'seal', 'mark', or 'gesture', mudras are primarily hand and finger movements that are believed to channel energies that improve the physical functions of the body. These spiritual gestures have not only found their place in the iconography and religious practices of Indian traditions but have also permeated various art forms, including dance and yoga.

Drawing upon the historical significance of mudras and their role as a non-verbal from of expression, a new art toy combines this ancient spiritual practice with science fiction as a character-based resin figurine called Muddra.


Dilpreet Singh, the creator of Muddra is a graphic and user experience designer, specializing in product creation, interface design, branding, illustration, and character development. Raised in India, Dilpreet's fascination with toys and action figurines began in his childhood through the Internet and global art toy communities. Inspired by the work of SAGE and Anand RK from The Floating Canvas, he recognized the tremendous potential in becoming an art toy designer.

For Muddra, Dilpreet began by jotting down character storylines and characteristics, and then visualizing the character through sketches, both traditional and digital. Once satisfied, he created a 3D model for 3D printing. From the 3D print, he made a silicone mold for resin casting, finishing each toy with sanding and spray painting.

Here's how Muddra's origin story goes, "In the future, storytelling has evolved to use advanced techniques beyond traditional methods. One such master storyteller named Muddra is known for his ability to tell stories using only his hand gestures. His performances are mesmerizing, and his hand movements seem to take on a life of their own, creating a world of their own. During one of his performances on a distant planet, Muddra's gestures become so intense that the room begins to shake and twist. When the story ends, Muddra disappears, leaving behind a pulsing figurine that is revered as a symbol of the power of storytelling and Muddra's legacy."


In both design and characterization, Muddra is a mighty little raconteur with silhouettes reminiscent of both humanoid robots and ancient Indian gods. Channelling the supernatural 'hand seal' powers of the Shinobi in Naruto and Krishna in Mahabharata, it has all the makings of a homegrown, transcultural icon of storytelling; playing right into our innate love and need for stories and characters and acting as a reflection of our humanity, with just a little spice.

Find out more about Muddra here.

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