Watch A Performance Art Video Capturing The Dichotomy Between Ambition & Rest

Sab Chahiye
Sab ChahiyeTanuj

In the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced lives, it's easy to get caught up in the race for success and the pursuit of our dreams. We yearn for so much and constantly crave more, often overlooking the most crucial aspect that underpins all our aspirations — our health. It is only when faced with physical setbacks or illness that we truly comprehend the paramount importance of well-being. Sab Chahiye (Want Everything) an audio-visual performance captures the same human desire for abundance and the realization that health should never be taken for granted.

Tanuj AKA N.O.W, a movement artist and choreographer based in Mumbai, possesses a unique ability to infuse his craft with a profound message. His work delves into the manipulation of bodies as a medium to convey stories and emotions. In this music video, he invites us to explore the essence of life and the invaluable significance of health through a mesmerizing display of movement and visuals.

Watch it below.

The genesis of Sab Chahiye finds its roots in a personal experience, a minor setback due to physical injury that led Tanuj to create with less physicality. This juncture of vulnerability became the catalyst for a powerful artistic expression, as the artist's mind was yearning for the realization of all his desires, while his body demanded respite and healing. The dichotomy between the desire for everything and the necessity for rest forms the core theme of the performance, resonating with anyone who has experienced the paradox of ambition and bodily limitations.

As Tanuj's movements gracefully unfold on the screen, we are reminded of our own struggles and desires. We witness the frantic pursuit of dreams and the urgency to achieve everything we desire, juxtaposed with the realization that without good health, these pursuits lose their essence. The music video acts as a gentle yet persuasive reminder to cherish our well-being, to listen to our bodies, and to grant ourselves the time to slow down and heal, both physically and mentally.

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