Misha Japanwala’s Sculptural Garments Blur The Lines Between Fashion, Freedom & Nudity

Misha Japanwala’s Sculptural Garments Blur The Lines Between Fashion, Freedom & Nudity
Misha Japanwala

While the female body has acted as a muse in the space of art for years, historically these depictions refrained from showcasing real bodies and rather, chose to mystify it. In these limited portrayals, the body itself is separated from the woman; stripping them of agency. Pakistani artist and designer, Misha Japanwala hopes to subvert this male gaze and celebrate real bodies. 

Her body casts, worn as sculptural garments, blur the lines between fashion and fine art, clothing and nudity, freedom and censorship. Misha removes the shambles of implicit shame associated with women's bodies by reclaiming them through a female gaze, emphasizing the fact that the way a woman chooses to depict her own body will always differ from a man's more idealistic perspective. 

The young artist also narrates stories of valour through her creations, combining fashion and art to highlight some parts of the female body and their violated beauty. Misha voices the painful experiences of domestic violence survivors by narrating the tale of women through these solidified forms that become shields and armour to protect their injured body parts. She believes that these sculpted garments are vessels that highlight the strength of women.  

Being conscious of her impact on the environment, these sculptural bodies that emulate the shape and texture of real bodies are created to be completely biodegradable. Reclaiming the cyclical power of femininity, Misha has created sculptures that will further help nourish the soil once discarded, birthing new life, just as real bodies do. 

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