Zohra Rahman's Jewelry Reimagines South Asian Design Concepts With Local Artisans

Zohra Rahman's Jewelry Reimagines South Asian Design Concepts With Local Artisans
Zohra Rahman

Jewellery is the blueprint to all artistic innovations in South Asia. With a rich history of multiple influences from around the world we are now the leaders of the constantly evolving design language in the industry. It is not surprising that the world looks to South Asia for inspiration when creating contemporary pieces, as some of the biggest names and celebrities across the world adorn our jewels regularly. 

This is a result of impeccable craftsmanship deeply embedded in the region's DNA. Our artisans are creatives who hold on to the rich heritage while constantly challenging design principles. The intricate work and vibrant play of colours showcases their unmatched artistry. Exemplifying their gifted talent is Zohra Rahman, a Lahore based jewellery designer, who is helping artisans adopt more sustainable ways to produce artistic jewellery. 

Zohra studied jewellery design at London’s Central St. Martin’s before returning to her hometown for the launch of her eponymous jewellery label in 2014. Currently she runs a workshop that is sustainable and ethical in its ethos. Reinterpreting age-old concepts of apprenticeship, each artisan is individually trained in the intricacies of jewellery making by the designer herself, spreading specialised skills to the local community. 

The designer believes that every apprentice holds the capacity to become an innovative master as they are taught traditional silversmithing techniques to create experimental and novel forms of adornment. From the melting of metal and its manipulation into wires and sheets, to its engraving, soldering, finishing and polishing; each piece is hand-made, produced on-site, and reflects a union between contemporary and historic design aesthetics.

Inspired by her heritage, Zohra fosters the duality of her identity that swings between the influences of UK and Lahore through the creation of jewellery. The young creative explores both the cultures through crossovers in the design languages she uses, which has led her brand to be widely recognised across national and international markets. Zohra is not only embracing her cultural roots but also recognises the artisans behind them. Their conjoined efforts are taking South Asia’s design to newer heights; ones which have not been explored ever before. 

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