A Homegrown Label Intersecting Indian Heritage And Contemporary, Boundary-Breaking Silhouettes

A Homegrown Label Intersecting Indian Heritage And Contemporary, Boundary-Breaking Silhouettes

The world might have locked down on and off for the last few years, but thanks to social media and progressions within tech, fashion feels more global than ever. Some of the most exciting fashion trends happening right now are bubbling up in the Indian fashion playground. One of the coolest brands on the come up and reinventing streetwear is Mae.

Translating to ‘I am’ in Hindi, indie clothing label Mae initially started out as a personal project to enable founder Jayeta Rohilla to pinpoint her identity and personal style – because after all, what we choose to wear is essentially an extension of ourselves. Having experienced a multicultural upbringing that led the designer to wildly different corners of the world – Sweden, Nigeria, and China among others, she felt the blaring lack of representation for Indian fashion.

“I didn’t fit in the box of what being a traditional Indian dresser meant but neither did I completely embrace Western ideals of fashion.”   

— Jayeta Rohilla

With this in mind, she put her energy into creating a unique space that fuses this duality in a manner that means those like her needn’t choose between one or the other. Describing Mae as non-binary, Rohilla strongly believes that clothing doesn’t have a gender.

A culmination of hip-hop and Bollywood influences often piques the 31-year-old designer’s interest, giving way to a range of bold fusion wear. Think blinding neon bomber jackets interspersed with silk brocade patches, pleated cotton dresses, and oversized puffer jackets with built-in gloves concocted from upcycled Banarasi sarees. Indian bridalwear even gets an overhaul in Rohilla’s hands, as relaxed and extravagant are woven together in a novel design language that includes lush maroon hoodies and matching pants adorned with gold sequins.

Check out the label here.

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