6 Homegrown Jewellery Labels Marrying Aesthetic & Expression

6 Homegrown Jewellery Labels Marrying Aesthetic & Expression

Does your jewellery stash look ready for another addition? Be it boho-chic or classic minimalist, in 2021, we’re doing it all!

Move over Swarovski, we’re here to round up our favourite homegrown jewellery brands that suit all your bling requirements this season at an affordable price.

Take your pick!


Athiya brings you timeless silver jewellery handcrafted by artisans only to resonate with your taste and persona. Meaningful, intentional and made to measure is how the label describes itself. If you’re looking for delicate baalis or inscribed lockets to solidify your love this year, we suggest investing in some lovely Athiya pieces that add meaning to your vanity.

Check out their collection here.

Athiya Jewellery


A homegrown alternative that brings you strikingly bold and uber-chic jewellery inspired by the creator’s moods, influences, and the next big overture when it comes to the world of bling, and it is never mass-produced. We’re talking Vivien Wood-esque pendants, retro heart sets and classic pearl trinkets — each piece designed to add character to your aesthetic.

Check out their collection here.

Not Just Bijoux trinkets

III. Violxtsthetics

At Violxtsthetics, you’ll find non-toxic, artistic pieces moulded and crafted carefully using polymer clay and top-notch gemstones. Their artsy and one-of-a-kind pieces are all about making a statement. So, if you’re looking to go bold, we recommend the ‘slinky snake’ earrings from the sleek label that stands for all things modern, minimalistic, and light.

Check out their collection here.


IV. Shopkuhoo

The brand creates one-of-a-kind charms in resins, botanicals, and handcrafted nickel which lends a fresh and wholesome meaning to your jewellery laced with fossilised flowers and leaves. The label helps encourage local crafts and employ craftsmanship by urging consumers to support small scale businesses and engage in a guilt-free bling haul.

Check out their collection here.

Shopkuhoo earrings

V. The Cherry Bomb Club

With the Y2K aesthetic making its comeback in the form of mini bags and denim on denim, the chunky beaded jewellery and layered jewellery has been proclaimed the current wave storming the ‘Gram. Indulge in some pop hues charms and add a dash of your colour to your outfits with fun and free-spirited pieces from the label.

Check out their collection here.

Cherry bomb club

VI. Bhavya Ramesh Jewellery

Bhavya Ramesh’s self-titled conscious jewellery brand infuses sterling silver and an unabashed sense of expression to create fluid pieces that speak to the community while delving into the sensitive and sublime. The label’s pieces are handmade in otherworldly designs and exude an avant-garde feel that is anything but subtle and soft.

Check out their collection here.

Bhavya Ramesh Jewellery

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