Mumbai, Attend A Design Exhibition Channeling Childhood Memories Into Sculptures

CurriculumAshwin Mallya

February 23, 2024, was the opening preview of a unique exhibition in Mumbai titled Curriculum. It is Mumbai-based industrial designer and object maker, Ashwin Mallya’s first solo show. His ouvre focuses on materials and is influenced by extensive manufacturing procedures.

The exhibition is influenced by Mallya's childhood explorations, his research on surfaces, and the result of repetitive manufacturing. The aim is to depict and communicate these memories through relief-style tiles of different sizes, prompting reflections and recalling childhood memories, as well as the rituals and experiences that have influenced his development as a designer and adult.

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His approach to this series began by delving deeply into his core memories, which he conveyed through 2D drawings and patterns. These drawings were then transformed into 3D tiles using CAD software, based on a predetermined size system. The 3D models were printed and refined by hand, followed by the creation of silicone molds. Each tile was carefully crafted using chosen materials (such as plaster or concrete) and removed from the molds after the curing process. These cast tiles were ultimately applied to the intended surfaces. The resulting small tiles, designed in a low-relief style, allow for intricate details and tactile depth. When arranged and installed on surfaces of various sizes and shapes, they form a mosaic. The pieces serve a dual purpose, functioning both as practical items and sculptural artworks.

From solo Ashwin Mallya's exhibition 'Curriculum'
From solo Ashwin Mallya's exhibition 'Curriculum'Ashwin Mallya

Curriculum has been curated by Chatterjee & Lal, renowned for their involvement in design histories and contemporary design. Their curatorial strategy stems from a twenty-year exhibition history that often focuses on the connection between art and design. C&L Design regularly organizes events at 47-A, the gallery currently hosting Mallya’s exhibition. Situated in Khotachi Wadi in Girgaum, a culturally rich area of south Mumbai with significant architectural history, the gallery reflects the cosmopolitan spirit of Mumbai. The local community is diverse, and C&L Design is dedicated to engaging meaningfully with their neighbors in all their activities.

'Curriculum' by Ashwin Mallya

On view till: 29 March 2024

Venue: 47-A Gallery

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