DesignxDesign Is An Interdisciplinary Platform Fostering Dialogue Across Indian Design

At its core, DesignxDesign orchestrates a symphony of connections across diverse design domains.
At its core, DesignxDesign orchestrates a symphony of connections across diverse design domains.DesignxDesign

Embarking on its second decade with renewed vigor, DesignxDesign emerges as an interdisciplinary initiative, a cultural and intellectual endeavor that transcends traditional boundaries to unravel the profound intricacies of the design phenomenon. Its evolution, akin to an avant-garde metamorphosis, has birthed a platform that melds diverse modes and methods, locating the significance of design within socio-cultural contexts.

At its core, DesignxDesign orchestrates a symphony of connections across diverse design domains, beckoning both the initiated and uninitiated into a realm where creativity, innovation, and dialogue converge. The initiative embraces a global outlook while maintaining a local resonance, aiming to elevate appreciation levels within each discipline, fostering a kaleidoscopic understanding of design.

Central to DesignxDesign's narrative is 'Exposé', an interactive platform where designers from various domains converge both online and offline. Here, portfolios intertwine with professional experiences, creating a vibrant tapestry of dialogue and synergies. In this neutral and lively atmosphere, designers share their journeys, cultivating a fertile ground for the exchange of ideas.

DesignxDesign's gratitude finds expression in the Design x Design Award, an accolade conceived to honor those who contribute, directly or indirectly, to the realm of design. The award acknowledges discerning supporters and sympathizers, seeking to deepen the engagement between the design community and civil society. This year's laureate, Mr. Pradip Krishen, receives the 4th Design x Design Award for his remarkable work in ecological restoration, a testament to his prowess as a native plant gardener, inspiring naturalist, and offbeat filmmaker.

A rare undertaking, the 'Charrette' is an immersive group activity that spans disciplines and cultures. Academics and practitioners embark on a journey to unravel the intricate relationship between humans and habitat, generating tangible design solutions. These ideas, born from hands-on, on-location exploration, are shared with local communities and governmental agencies for potential implementation.

In the spirit of open-ended dialogue, DesignxDesign offers the 'Roundtable;— an opportunity for moderated engagement between domain experts and attendees. Ideas, opinions, and experiences intertwine, dissecting societal and design issues irrespective of scale, focus, or form.

The exhibition component of DesignxDesign serves as a lens into the evolving landscape of Indian design. Showcasing the work of emerging designers, it becomes a canvas for reading the pulsating trends across various creative communities, charting the trajectory of design evolution in the country. DesignxDesign recently featured homegrown fashion brand Saim which draws its inspiration from key Indian Street style sightings over history and everyday life and Studio Metallurgy, a jewellery brand that draws from Industrial Design which is synonymous with precision and accuracy, sharped finish and clean lines. 

In its multifaceted initiatives, DesignxDesign emerges as a beacon, illuminating the confluence of creativity, culture, and community, defining a path where design becomes not just a discipline but a living, breathing ethos.

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