India Design ID 2024: Attend India’s Biggest Luxury Design Week In Delhi This February

The 12th edition of India Design ID 2024 is poised to transcend the boundaries of design exploration.
The 12th edition of India Design ID 2024 is poised to transcend the boundaries of design exploration.India Design ID

Design unfurls as the silent architect, shaping realms beyond the visual to permeate innovation in every facet of existence. It is the clandestine force driving metamorphoses, a harbinger of transformation that extends its tendrils into the very fabric of progress. As design emerges from its chrysalis, it transcends the aesthetic to become a vital force, steering the narratives of development and evolution across sectors. Amidst this symphony of creativity, India Design 2024 emerges as an enigmatic maestro, orchestrating an immersive experience where innovation converges with artistry, pushing the boundaries of convention at the nexus of design

At the heart of this year's spectacle lies a curated blend of over 130 homegrown and international luxury interior brands exhibiting their bespoke pieces. Ankon Mitra, in collaboration with Apparao Galleries, introduces 'On Paper Of Paper' at India Design ID. This groundbreaking exhibition showcases paper works from over 70 artists across India, featuring sculptors, architects, and designers who manipulate and experiment with paper. The theme, Paper-Dashavatār, draws inspiration from Lord Vishnu's metamorphoses in Vedic lore, creating a first-of-its-kind exploration of paper art, design, and architecture.

The Collectibles Pavilion, a perennial favourite, makes a triumphant return with stellar additions. Design enthusiasts can expect the debut of Rooshad Shroff’s studio and Samuel Barclay’s Case Goods, complemented by the return of stalwarts like Ashiesh Shah and DeMuro Das, unveiling their latest masterpieces along with statement interior design and home decor collectibles from brands like Art Attaichi, Anantaya, Design Ni Dukan, Pieces Of Desire, Viya, Take Editions, Stem and much more.

The highlight of the event has to be the ID Symposium that promises enriching talks and discussions fostering dialogue among the brightest minds from around the world, reflecting the global strides of the Indian design industry. Through panels and discussions, the ID Symposium will touch on topics like women in design, climate change resilience, transcending form and equilibrium in design, the role of cultural heritage in contemporary design, new spaces in the digital society and India's next decade in architecture among others.

Taking place from February 15 - 18 In its 12th at NSIC Grounds, Okhla, New Delhi, the 12th edition of India Design ID 2024 is poised to transcend the boundaries of design exploration; setting the stage for an unparalleled convergence of creativity and innovation. As a beacon for cutting-edge design, India Design ID 2024 not only marks a celebration of artistic brilliance but also provides a unique platform for meaningful connections and opportunities in the dynamic world of design.

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