Short Film ‘Echo’s Of June’ Is A Cinematic Exploration Of Emotion & Existence

Echo’s Of June
Echo’s Of JuneBharat Sikka

Capturing the essence of life, death, in an intricate dance of universal experiences, a new homegrown short film serves as a visual odyssey, where each frame is a poignant brushstroke on the canvas of existence, encouraging a reflective engagement with the enigmatic interplay of human emotions and the transient nature of our mortal journey. In the subtle interplay of light and shadow, Indian visual artists Bharat Sikka and Nikhil Chopra craft a visual symphony in their latest short film Echo's of June that alludes to the ephemeral nature of life, prompting audiences to traverse the depths of their own existential contemplations.

Bharat Sikka, hailing from India, emerged as a luminary in the realm of contemporary art photography. A Parsons School of Design alum, Sikka's photographic oeuvre speaks volumes about India's cultural residues and societal metamorphoses. From delving into the nuanced history and regional nuances of Kashmir in 'Where the Flowers Still Grow' to capturing the tidal effects of globalization in 'Matter' and probing the complexities of masculinity in 'Indian Men', Sikka's work manifests in the visual language of contemporary art photography.

On the other end of this artistic collaboration stands Nikhil Chopra, a maestro of contemporary art based in Goa, India. Chopra's multidimensional artistic practice encompasses durational performance, painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography, offering a critical exploration of identity, politics, history, and the corporeal form. Born in Kolkata and raised in a Kashmiri family, Chopra's transformative journey through commerce studies culminated in a profound exploration of fine arts at The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda and a subsequent MFA at Ohio State University in 2003.

Born from collaborative conversations, this cinematic venture draws from Sikka's nuanced exploration of India's cultural shifts and societal transformations, seamlessly blending with Chopra's multidimensional artistry, rooted in durational performances and an exploration of identity, politics, and history. Together, they weave a narrative tapestry delving into existential themes of life and death, using the body as a profound tool for artistic expression. Echo's of June promises to be a visual symphony where Sikka's visual language meets Chopra's theatricality, inviting viewers on a contemplative journey through universal experiences.

The film will be screening on February 2 at The Dhan Mill in Delhi. The event is invite only so DM Bharat here to attend it.