Homegrown Creators Are Embracing Existentialism To Depict The Human Experience

Homegrown Creators Are Embracing Existentialism To Depict The Human Experience

Monologues in films are powerful and moving storytelling devices that make the most complicated subjects in life digestible through the art of conversation. When done right, they can transform into cultural milestones elevating both the character and the movie to the upper echelons of cinematic history.

On Instagram, a new genre of short-form filmmaking as a visual diary has emerged, where storytellers are ingeniously blending visuals, sound, and introspective narratives, inviting viewers into a world that resonates deeply with their own internal struggles and desires. Cultivating themes of creativity, loneliness, self doubt, regrets and expectations, these creators are carving a space for our inner monologues to breathe through existential commentary.

Here are a few homegrown artists that have ignited a visual dialogue on human experience with their authentic expression in the digital landscape.

Satvik Soni

Satvik is a Delhi-based video creator who delves into profound subjects, using metaphors and montages as his artistic tools. Through his videos, he navigates the complexities of life, opening up discussions about philosophy, death, depression, and guilt. Satvik's unique approach involves weaving together powerful visual metaphors, creating a mesmerizing tapestry of emotions and ideas. Through his monologues, he invites viewers on a transformative journey of self-reflection.

Priyanshu Modi

Delhi-based writer & filmmaker, Priyanshu creates heartwarming stories about music, relationships, longing, productivity, mental health and the wild joy ride that is life. Through his series of visual poems, Priyanshu captures and interprets the vast spectrum of human emotions using the art of monologues. Each carefully crafted piece serves as a window into the depths of the human heart. With a keen eye for detail and a poetic sensibility, Priyanshu's work resonates with authenticity, offering a poignant reflection on the intricacies of our shared journey through existence.

Sujoy Sawant

Sujoy creates narratives that touch on the themes of friendship, self-doubt, life & death and the digitalized existence of younger generations. Using his personal experience and perspective, he brings a philosophical lens to our everyday lives. Drawing from his own personal experiences and unique perspective, he infuses his work with a profound philosophical lens that sheds light on the complexities of our everyday lives. His monologues are thought-provoking, often challenge societal norms and offer alternative perspectives that spark conversations and inspire introspection.