Vidya Vinnakota's 3D Piece Art Pays Homage To The Melancholic Solitude Of Women

A Homage to our Melancholic States
A Homage to our Melancholic StatesVabyvel

Vidya Vinnakota or 'Vabyvel' is a 3D designer and artist based in San Francisco who creates illustrations and 3D art that touches on subjects like sexual freedom, menstruation, gender identity and femininity with South Asian motifs. She is known for Crypto Ranis, an NFT collection stored on the Ethereum blockchain available on SuperRare platform one of which was also bought by American DJ & music producer, Steve Aoki.

Crypto Ranis
Crypto RanisVabyvel

Vidya conceptualizes illustrations of fierce women highly inspired by South Asian culture and sensuality. These 'Ranis' are known for their bold expressions, devoured in bright, traditional patterns, creating the face of the modern desi woman. As a South Asian artist, she loves the play of bright textures and influences from traditional saree textiles, mixed with a well-balanced composition.

One of her latest artworks from the Ranis collection is something that's close to the artist heart. 'A Homage to our Melancholic States' features an undressed Brown woman spending long hours in her bed. It's a short but really intimate and relatable piece of digital art that connects to women who are not feeling their best and just want to stay inside their room, on their bed, for as long as they want. This homage captures the melancholia and fatigue that women go through in a world that is trying to get them down and the nudity, perhaps, signals to stripping down your masks to relax in the freedom of being yourself in your safe space.

Check it out below.

“I want more women to feel free and talk about their sexuality, their desires and identities. I think it’s important to represent this take on the modern Indian woman so we can feel more connected and create this strong female community that talks about topics that were deemed to be uncomfortable', Vidya tells the Indian Express. The artist's work is centred mainly around cultural and gender themes to raise awareness about women’s rights, mental health, and representation and promote inclusivity in the digital art space.

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