Reyaz Badaruddin’s Conceptual Ceramics Challenge The Hierarchies Of The Creative World

Reyaz Badaruddin - Co-founder of Atelier Lālmitti.
Reyaz Badaruddin - Co-founder of Atelier Lālmitti.Magzter, Ceramics Now.

In the serene village of Andretta, nestled at the base of the majestic Indian Himalayas, Reyaz Badaruddin, a contemporary ceramic artist and educator, has created a haven of creativity. Co-founder of Atelier Lālmitti, a revered clay studio and ceramic center, Badaruddin's work blurs the lines between the art and the canvas.

Reyaz juxtaposes ceramics with the paintings of ceramics.
Reyaz juxtaposes ceramics with the paintings of ceramics.Ceramics Now

Badaruddin's creations evoke a profound celebration of the unceasing creative process. His ceramics are more than mere functional objects; they are living canvases that defy categorization. Hovering between the realms of still life and abstraction, sculpture and canvas painting, they dismantle traditional artistic boundaries, rendering them porous and interconnected.

Ode to Tea, Still Life
Ode to Tea, Still Life

Functionality remains central to Badaruddin's artistic process. His designs, showcased in the whimsical blue and white tableware of Atelier Lālmitti, embody simplicity and daily usability. Drawing inspiration from the natural surroundings of his remote village, the botanical motifs bloom in his work, echoe the flora that envelops his garden and its distant meadows.

Still Life, Luminous
Still Life, LuminousLatitude 28, Atelier Lalmitti

Reyaz Badaruddin's artistic journey is a voyage through themes and mediums. 'Ode to Tea' reimagines the humble teacup as a concept of passage of time than an object, while 'Objects of Desire' transforms shipping containers into symbols of consumerism's global impact. In 'Still Life 2.0,' household objects bridge the divide between art and craft, tradition and contemporary. Through his work, Badaruddin invites us to question the boundaries we impose on art and invites us to ponder the meaning of hierarchy in the world of creativity. In the tranquil landscapes of Andretta, he continues to mould not only clay but also perceptions, creating art that transcends convention and resonates with the essence of his surroundings.

Changing Landscapes, Still Life
Changing Landscapes, Still LifeCeramics Now, Latitude 28

Reyaz's ceramics enture into a diverse array of themes, ranging from a poignant observation of urbanization's changing landscapes to a reflective exploration of craft and craftsmanship. His art also pays homage to the invaluable place and role of artisans in our world.

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