Watch Rapper Jay Kila Comedically Dissect Indian Hip-Hop Culture In His New Web Series

How To Make It In Mumbai
How To Make It In MumbaiJay Kila

In the vast and intricate universe of hip-hop, different ecosystems unfold with their distinct rules, dictating what works and what doesn't. To truly 'make it' in the scene, one must navigate the intricacies of each habitat. Enter Jay Kila, a seasoned New York rapper with an intimate understanding of the hip-hop landscapes in both the concrete jungle of NYC and the bustling streets of Mumbai. With roots embedded in the rhythmic heartbeat of two contrasting worlds, rapper Jay Kila's journey becomes a compelling exploration of how cultural intersections shape the very essence of his music and artistic identity.

How To Make It In Mumbai, a groundbreaking web series co-created by Jay Kila and Tarun Hansen, serves as a captivating juxtaposition of these two hip-hop ecosystems. The must-watch series, for anyone intrigued by the fusion of global cultures in the music industry, is delivered in bite-sized 3-4 minute episodes, and offers a unique blend of humour and electric storytelling. "Basically what we would do is write out a full-length scene, and then kind of cut it down to its core and take out anything unnecessary. This made the episodes much more direct as we weren’t wasting a lot of time on unnecessary dialogue. It was just story driven stuff, and punchlines", Jay shares.

Jay Kila in How To Make It In Mumbai
Jay Kila in How To Make It In MumbaiJay Kila

Jay Kila serves as the protagonist, leading viewers through a comedic exploration of the Indian hip-hop scene. This innovative narrative takes center stage in the post-Gully Boy era, shedding light on the dynamic and evolving world of Indian hip-hop. Jay's character becomes a vessel for dissecting cultural identity and the artist's journey in the modern, interconnected world rooted in his real life experiences divided between New York and Mumbai, "you’re always trying to find opportunities, hitting people up for gigs, dodging scams, etc. Growing up in NYC though you are exposed to a lot of the world at a young age, and lots of different types of people. One thing in particular that comes to mind from growing up there is you get a good sense of who's real and who’s not. New York is full of people trying to take advantage of you (like Mumbai) so you end up being not as gullible or able to be finessed as much, something very useful in the hip-hop scene and entertainment industry."

Originally from NYC, Jay Kila brings a fusion of Indo-Western vibes to the Mumbai hip-hop scene, infusing his music with sharp lyricism, crisp delivery, and beats that guarantee to ignite any party. Through the series he tries to chronicle his journey into assimilating his dual identity as Jay Kila and Young Bollywood. How To Make It In Mumbai is not just a series; it's a cultural commentary, a satirical mirror reflecting the challenges faced by artists pursuing dreams in a globalized landscape while also paying homage to the city of dreams and the tests it puts artists through.

"Mumbai is a crazy city. It’ll drive you insane one day and then the next you don’t want to live anywhere else. It was and still is a huge source of inspiration for me - you know, the sights, the sounds, the people."
Jay Kila

The series humorously dissects the trials and tribulations of Jay Kila's journey as he grapples with unexpected challenges and cultural nuances in pursuit of success. With a tone reminiscent of acclaimed shows like Silicon Valley and Atlanta, How To Make It In Mumbai transcends the realm of mere entertainment, prompting viewers to ponder the impact of Western influences on India's cultural canvas and the authenticity of artistic expression.

In a landscape saturated with reality shows and documentaries, How To Make It In Mumbai stands out as a narrative exploration; providing a fresh and thought-provoking perspective on the intersection of culture, identity, and ambition within the global hip-hop scene. Get ready to embark on a musical journey with Jay Kila as he hilariously dissects the essence of 'making it' in Mumbai, where the beats are as vibrant as the city itself.

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