Inside A Mumbai Children’s Museum Promoting Learning Through Interactive Experiences

The Museum of Solutions actively engages with schools in Mumbai and beyond, delving into ideas and topics that transcend conventional educational syllabi.
The Museum of Solutions actively engages with schools in Mumbai and beyond, delving into ideas and topics that transcend conventional educational syllabi.The Hindu

Conventional education systems are notorious for compressing the expansive imagination & curiosity that children are both with, into rigid, structures. Such detached learning that feels more like a chore limits the natural exploration and nurturing of their interests. However, a newly-opened 10-storeyed museum in the heart of Central Mumbai aims to create that very space where children can explore the world around them more intimately in a more engaging and meaningful way.

The Museum of Solutions (MuSo) boasts spaces dedicated to expression and exhibition, complete with facilities for Video and Audio production. More than just a space for showcasing, MuSo actively engages with schools in Mumbai and beyond, delving into ideas and topics that transcend conventional educational syllabi. MuSo is not merely a venue for passive observation; it is a place for action and community engagement. The exhibits within MuSo are designed to provide immersive and interactive experiences, revolving around themes such as Water, People + Planet, Mental and Physical Well-being, and Sustainability + Me. These themes inspire visitors, particularly children, to take on challenges and actively contribute to solving them. Committed to building an active portfolio of design solutions and ideas generated by children, The museum strives to connect these innovative concepts with relevant funders and agencies for practical implementation.

Along with a sensorial Mangrove Tunnel where each creature will share with the children, their role in the sustenance of the mangroves, weaving a tale of co-existence and the need for preservation, MuSo feature 4 distinct labs where kids can explore their creativity through contraptions and storytelling. In the Play Lab, the theme of air comes to life as scarves are propelled through tunnels, turning a science lesson into an engaging experience. The lab not only provides entertainment but fosters educational connections, making complex concepts like velocity comprehensible through memorable experiences. On the floor above, the Discover Lab revolves around the theme of water, posing questions and offering innovative explanations about its importance to life. A captivating film, narrated by Jackie Shroff and Dia Mirza, tells the poignant journey of Puddles, a sea turtle confronting the harsh realities of plastic pollution.

The Make Lab, a paradise for children, invites them to unleash their creativity by designing innovative solutions with art and technology. From 3D-printed octopuses to carpentry projects and multimedia activities like photography and filmmaking, the lab sparks inventive exploration. Finally, The Grow Lab provides a hands-on experience, allowing children to engage in activities such as beekeeping, composting, gardening, and sustainable farming. The lab extends beyond traditional workshops, incorporating binary sessions on gender understanding and inclusive workshops for grandparents, parents, and children, fostering a holistic and interactive learning environment. Even the bathrooms contribute to the learning experience, featuring puzzles on the walls.

The museum's Free Mondays program which allows children to visit the museum for free on Mondays aims to connect with over 50,000 children in addition to extending invitations to approximately 250 school groups annually. Furthermore, MuSo is also working on the creation of a unique MuSo Changemakers Council which will consist of a diverse cohort of 11-14-year-olds from Mumbai, selected to undergo leadership training. Their role will involve exploring issues of significance to the youth and their futures, as well as providing guidance to the museum on strategy, programs, and policies.

With the purpose of fostering a generation of critical thinkers and change-makers, the Museum of Solutions is not just a venue for exhibitions; it's a catalyst for unlocking the potential within every child's inquisitive mind, providing a platform for meaningful exploration and creative expression.

Check out MuSo's website here.

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