Inside A UK Collective Building A Sustainable Community Of South Asian Artistry

Dialled In has become an electric breeding ground for South Asian expression.
Dialled In has become an electric breeding ground for South Asian expression.Dialled In

2021, the same year Daytimers burst onto UK's music scene, a new festival was born from the collaboration of Chalo, No ID, and Daytimers collectives, that has since evolved into a unique music, arts, and culture organization redefining the narrative around South Asian arts in the contemporary landscape. With a purpose to "... spotlight and platform the wealth of South Asian artistry by building long-term self-sustainable spaces to ensure our culture is held while it evolves and expands", Dialled In has become an electric breeding ground for South Asian expression.

Though the collective also organizes genre-based events, their festivals make space for and hours a vast array of genres within and outside South Asian heritage including Afrobeats, Afro-Desi, Amapiano, Ballroom, Bangla, Bass, Bhangra, Bollywood, Bollypiano, Carnatic, Chutney Classical, Club, Dancehall, Desi, Dembow, Disco, Folk, Footwork, Future Desi, Future Beats, Funky House, Garage, Ghazal, Gqom, Hip Hop, Hindustani, House, Indie, Jazz, Jersey, Nepali, Pakistani, Panjabi, Rap, Rock, R&B, R&G, Soul, Sufi, Tamil, Qawwali, Techno. Not confined by genres, they focus on artists of South Asian origin, inviting them to express themselves freely. The organizers select DJs who make an impact, weaving narratives, imparting knowledge, and capturing the spectrum of emotions, including expressions of joy, rage, and sadness.

Beyond the festivals, Dialled In has solidified its role as a tasteful curator of contemporary South Asian art, music, and social issues. With events ranging from classical concerts to artistic residencies, it has become a unifying force for South Asians, fostering cross-cultural collaboration irrespective of caste, nationality, or creed.

Notably, Dialled In's impact extends beyond London, having facilitated Pakistan's first-ever Boiler Room and conducted masterclasses and workshops. The organization's work resonates with a broader diaspora, affirming its dedication to evolving and expanding South Asian culture while holding onto its roots.

In just a few years, Dialled In has not only curated sold-out festivals but has also become a beacon of inspiration, paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse future in the world of contemporary South Asian art and culture.

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