New Delhi's Lodhi Art District Is A Testament To The Power Of Public Art

The Lodhi Art District
The Lodhi Art DistrictSerene Journeys

With more than 65 grand murals by Indian and International artists, Lodhi art district is a vibrant open-air museum located in New Delhi, India. Since 2015, renowned street artists from across the world have been invited by the St+Art India Foundation to create the Lodhi Art District. This area has become a must-visit for tourists, art lovers, and locals alike, as it is a hub of creativity and expression.

Social Media Friedly Plants - Sameer Kulavoor
Social Media Friedly Plants - Sameer Kulavoor Serene Journeys

Located between Khanna Market and Meharchand Market in Lodhi Colony, the Lodhi Art District covers a large area of the city and is home to a multitude of murals that depict various themes such as cultural diversity, social issues, political concerns, and environmental consciousness. Each mural is a masterpiece that reflects the artist's unique style and vision.

Time Changes Everything - Daku
Time Changes Everything - DakuArch Daily

One of the most iconic murals in the district is a typographic sundial called 'Time Changes Everything' by Indian graffiti artist, Daku. The artist mounted several words like ‘curiosity’, ‘future’, ‘balance’ and ‘perception’ perpendicularly on a building façade through metal stencils. As light passes overhead, the letterforms cast an ever-evolving shadow on the wall, coming alive between the morning and afternoon hours, after which it disappears with the fading sun. The shadow installation stresses the importance of living in the present moment.

Gracious Heritage 
 - Majlis Art Forum
Gracious Heritage - Majlis Art ForumSt + Art

The Art District also features beautiful Gracious Heritage by Majlis Art Forum showcasing a magical atmosphere through its deep green colours, monochromatic figures, and a mix of painted and living trees. Despite its narrow size, it pays tribute to the natural areas in the city and also serves as a reminder of the Asian elephant's decline due to the effects of urbanization and pollution.

The Sacrosanct Whole - Aaron Glasson
The Sacrosanct Whole - Aaron GlassonRama Toshi Aarya

The notion that every living thing possesses an innate life energy is a central tenet that unites various seemingly unrelated objects within a diverse collection in Aaron Glasson's 'The Sacrosanct Whole'. This mural includes artifacts like the Dancing Girl from the Indus Valley Civilization and totem poles, as well as natural elements such as fruits, vegetables, and stones, all of which share a sacred essence.

Letters for Lodhi - Yok and Sheryo
Letters for Lodhi - Yok and SheryoGraffiti Street

Letters for Lodhi by Yok and Sheryo draws inspiration from classic Indian matchboxes and features a collection of enigmatic messages. One portion encourages viewers to scrutinize concepts such as justice and equality, while simultaneously adorning the Gupt Dwar, or Secret Door, with the words 'fortune' and 'health', alluding to the cultural wealth of the region.

Shakti - Sajid Wajid Shaikh'
Shakti - Sajid Wajid Shaikh'Outlook

Lodhi Art District is a testament to the power of art to transform and inspire communities. Through these murals, artists are exploring a wide range of themes and issues, from environmental consciousness to cultural diversity. The district has become a platform for artists to express themselves freely and a source of inspiration for people of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you are an art lover, a tourist, or a local, a visit to the Lodhi Art District is a must to experience the vibrant energy and creativity of Delhi's art scene.