Signal W’s New Album Gives Psychedelic Indie Rock & Dream-Pop A Homegrown Identity

Wonder How We Got Here
Wonder How We Got HereSignal W

The indie genre has blossomed into a vibrant space where genres seamlessly merge, creating charged and immersive musical experiences. From the infectious rhythms of disco to the sultry vibes of RnB, the raw energy of rock to the sparks of dream pop, indie music has become a melting pot of influences. What sets contemporary indie artists apart is the authenticity and intimacy that underpins their creations. It's in this thriving atmosphere of creative exploration and genuine expression that we find Goa-based band Signal W and their latest album — Wonder How We Got Here. This album is a testament to the exciting fusion of genres and the emotional depth that characterizes the indie music scene today.

"Wonder How We Got Here was crafted during the pandemic, a challenging period for the entire band. Amid personal priorities and distractions, we returned to the music as our source of sanity and equilibrium. The songs in this album emerged from the blend of emotions we experienced — love, celebration, frustration, and sadness — all channelled into an energetic expression. Signal W, after their debut album, has evolved onto 'Wonder How We Got Here'", says the band.

The album starts off with a powerful track called Bejeweled, with fast metal-like drums in a rock-heavy style, but later moves on through the dance-pop influenced Vent, the touching melodies of Close and the dreamy haze of Drug, Care, Glowing & Need before shiting the tone to alt/psychedelic rock with Dreamer. Heart reminds us of 80s pop that had a kick to it while still being intimate in its message and the album ends with Who Is Nothing continuing the theme in an uplifting electronic rich track with a tasty guitar solo.

Wonder How We Got Here is a vibrant, eclectic, and emotionally charged album that takes listeners on a musical journey through the ups and downs of life, all while seamlessly blending various musical genres. With its innovative songwriting, captivating vocals, and exceptional musicality, this album is sure to find its place in the hearts of music enthusiasts, fitting perfectly into the current homegrown music landscape.

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