Spurthi Gowda's Latest Collection Is An Ode To The Resilient Spirit Of The Sunflower

Spurthi Gowda's latest collection.
Spurthi GowdaGorkey Patwal

I’ve always been a fan of sunflowers. As cliche as it may sound, from Vincent Van Gogh’s most famous painting to the notion of sunflowers facing each other when they can’t find the sun - they exude a relentless spirit that I can’t get over. My love for the flower was further solidified by my recent favourite Hindi movie - and I’m sure if you’ve watched it, you’d feel the same way too. 

When I chanced upon the first image from the Surajmukhi collection from designer label Spurthi Gowda - a bouquet of sunflowers wrapped in a chequered cloth lying on what was a typical Indian pandal - I was intrigued. As more images from the series were revealed, they turned out to be a beautiful tribute to the many emotions that one would associate with the flower - light, love, warmth and moments in the sun, captured in fashion and film. 

Women wearing Sunflower inspired attire from Spurti Gowda's latest fashion collection.
Gorkey Patwal

The vibrant second collection from Mumbai-based eponymous fashion label Spurthi Gowda features 14 ‘sunflower-inspired’ pieces that range from casual maxi dresses and wrap skirt sets to sarees and lehengas. The hues of the collection primarily feature three hues - cherry red, mehendi ochre and the Pantone Colour of the Year - Peach Fuzz. The photographs for the series were captured by renowned photographer Gorkey Patwal, who has brought his signature style of evoking a truly Indian sense of nostalgia to the editorial shoot. 

Spurthi Gowda's latest collection.
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Styled by Sanya Kapoor, the editorial photo shoot captures the essence of Indian summers that the designer says inspired the collection. In the collection note, Spurthi Gowda mentioned, ‘Surajmukhi pays tribute to the vibrant essence of Indian summers, drawing inspiration from the radiant sunflower. Symbolising joy, the sunflower stands as a beacon of light and love, flourishing in the warmth of summer and fall.’ The resilience of the sunflower and how it stands tall, even in the darkest day and seeks out sunlight is the spirit that the collection encapsulates for her. 

Lounging in what feels like the typical example of an Indian home, and set against the vibrant background of typical Indian pandals - the models lounging in the editorial series of Surajmukhi embody this resilient spirit that the designer speaks of. Gorkey Patwal’s approach towards photography - taking his unique perspective to seemingly simple moments and subjects in a manner to evoke personal stories in each viewer - is translated through the moody yet imposing images from the editorial series. 

You can follow the label here.

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