Living Srinagar
Living SrinagarStarving Artist Films

Starving Artist Films' New Short Captures The Spirit Of Srinagar Through Its People

Do not use this in an argument against your elders but people are culture. We've got it upside down when we try to control people with the good ol' 'against Indian culture'. Culture has always been a manifestation of the collective experiences, beliefs, and values of a group of people; the living expression of their identity, shaped by their geographical, historical, and ethnic phenomena. It's not an entity that dictates human behavior, but rather a diverse reflection of the perspectives and expressions of individuals within a society. It's the people that give life to a city and its culture.

And it's only through them can you really understand a place. In a sea of what can only be called travel porn, a short film shifts the gaze from tourism to a more humanistic lens. Living Srinagar by Starving Artist Films is described as "...LIVE commentary of the human condition, it speaks of all the beautiful and intricate emotions humans are capable of and reveals the heartaches, bitterness, melancholy their hearts contains within." The filmography gives us an intimate perspective, offering glimpses into the culture of Srinagar through the lives of its native people.

Starving Artist Films calls the film "...a look at the various tones and layers that overcast the city and the people that live within, it will be unfair to sum up the city as just a romantic destination or a hot spot for turmoil and political unrest." Rahul Singh Datta of Starving Artist Films shares, "The film is about my first visit to Srinagar, I didn’t know anything other than the two polar extremes the city is known for, which is Bollywood romance or terrorism and I was curious to see what the baseline normal is for the people that live here."

What truly sets Living Srinagar apart is its profound exploration of humanity through its visuals. The film celebrates the people of Srinagar, portraying their struggles, and joys. It captures the city through its people and the interplay of faith, friendship, community, cuisine, work and play in their lives. Bringing justice to its name, it depicts the pure 'living' that happens in Srinagar. The history, the architecture, the lakes, the political tension and the heritage craft — anything that you imagine when you think of Srinagar takes a backseat in this film; overshadowed by the jubilant spirit of its people.

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