Street Art Icon AIKO Is Bringing Their 'Follow The Bunny' Exhibition To Mumbai

AIKO has been leaving her mark on the streets since 2008 with her signature Bunny motif
AIKO has been leaving her mark on the streets since 2008 with her signature Bunny motifAIKO

Art enthusiasts and urban culture fans in Mumbai, Gallery XXL is set to blaze a trail in the Indian contemporary art scene with the AIKO's first solo exhibition in the country. "Follow the Bunny" opened its doors on the vibrant Art Night Thursday, March 14, 2024, unveiling the colourful world of an international street art icon, AIKO.

This exhibition marks not only the debut of AIKO's solo exhibition in India but also a milestone for Gallery XXL, as it hosts its maiden solo show featuring the works of a globally acclaimed artist. Renowned for her urban contemporary artistry, AIKO has been leaving her mark on the streets since 2008 with her signature Bunny motif. This powerful symbol has accompanied her across the globe, executed through stencils and spray paint.

Born and raised in Tokyo, AIKO's artistic journey took flight when she relocated to New York City to pursue an MFA in Media Studies. Despite initially grappling with language barriers, her passion for art found expression in the pulsating energy of the city's graffiti subculture. She honed her skills under the guidance of luminaries like Takashi Murakami and met with fellow artists like Banksy, Shepard Fairey, BAST and Space Invade. AIKO's trajectory in the art world was destined for greatness. Her involvement with the artist collective FAILE further solidified her status as a trailblazer in urban art. Through wheat-pasting and stencilling, AIKO and her cohorts left an indelible mark on the streets of New York City, captivating audiences with their bold imagery.

'Follow The Bunny' celebrates AIKO's artistic prowess and is a testament to Gallery XXL's commitment to the global urban contemporary art movement. With this exhibition, the gallery aims to deepen its engagement with this dynamic art form and foster its representation in India. "Follow the Bunny" promises a captivating exploration of AIKO's diverse artistic repertoire. Visitors can expect a compelling display of newly created artworks, the "Lady Butterfly" sculpture, "Bunny Maps," a collection of photographs capturing AIKO's street art interventions by Martha Cooper, textiles, and found objects collected during her time in Mumbai.

Gallery XXL's decision to host "Follow the Bunny" signifies a pivotal moment for Mumbai's contemporary art landscape. It is not merely an exhibition but an invitation to immerse oneself in the kaleidoscopic world of AIKO's imagination—a world where boundaries dissolve, and art becomes a universal language of expression. As AIKO aptly states, "I paint hard and shout even louder," the exhibition embodies the gallery's commitment to showcasing the power and dynamism of global urban contemporary art. Take advantage of this opportunity to witness a true artistic phenomenon.

Exhibition Details:

Dates: March 14, 2024 - April 24, 2024

Location: Gallery XXL, Colaba, Mumbai

Timings: Tuesday - Sunday, 11 AM - 7:30 PM

You can follow AIKO's work here.

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