SULTAN’s Debut Single Is A Heartfelt Tribute To Their Late Pet Cat

SULTAN’s Debut Single Is A Heartfelt Tribute To Their Late Pet Cat
SULTAN’s Debut Single Is A Heartfelt Tribute To Their Late Pet Cat
Image Courtesy: Dhruv Singh

Innovative lyrics? Check. Funk pop tones? Check. A cat meowing in the middle of the song? Check. Sultan’s debut release track has it all. Sultan Aftab Khan released his debut single Cat Got My Tongue on 30th September 2022. It is part of the upcoming album SULTAN. It is his solo project and he is an independent musician from New Delhi who has been performing as part of different acts for over a decade now. Sultan is a multi-instrumentalist who is also the lead vocalist for another Delhi-based band. He plays the guitar, handles synth duties while playing an Ableton set, and is the lead vocalist of this project. Sultan works with an independent art collective called Art Fidelity.

The song was written in memory of the artist’s beloved cat who passed away recently. The lyrics were initially penned down by Yuvika Kataria. The title of the song is also a clever wordplay as the expression ‘cat got my tongue is often used in English to convey being quiet or unable to express, which resonates with the artist’s own feelings following the tragic loss. In his debut release, SULTAN showcases his skill set as a solo act with a focus on making a sweet blend of pop & electronica. Although the lyrics are soft, heartfelt, and personal, anyone can groove to this tune without a doubt. It is the juxtaposition of the upbeat electronic music and the remorseful lyrics that evoke such a bittersweet emotion in the minds of the listeners. The electronic drum track is spot on and complements the artist’s dream pop-ish voice.

The song is one of Sultan’s foremost compositions as a music producer. This song tries to tell the story of him and his beloved cat. There’s a gentle tone of voice as his special little lady yearns for him. In return, he reminisces about days when she was within his reach. It celebrates two of the most passionate emotions in our lives - love and loss, The feline darling oscillates between the two. There are obscure undertones and it’s quite heartbreaking. In spite of these, there’s a sense of tranquility in the music that unfolds throughout the song.

With his experimental music production and broad instrument style, he puts a grip on the listeners. It is available to stream on all popular platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music.

You can listen to the track here.