Take A Visual Journey Into Womanhood With 5 Homegrown Photoseries

Take A Visual Journey Into Womanhood With 5 Homegrown Photoseries
L: Sanjay Tomar R: Shetty Karthik

Womanhood eludes an easy definition. Instead of grappling with words, and through visual narratives we can attempt to gauge a sliver of the experiences that comes to constitute womanhood.

We have gathered five photo series that honour the rich spectrum of what it means to be a woman. With themes ranging from feminism to the warmth of motherhood, the bonds of sisterhood, the allure of fashion, the mystique of body and beauty, and the exploration of sexuality, each series paints a different facet of the universal experience of being a woman. 

Rooh Is A Photoseries On Historic Gender Oppression

Sanjay Tomar

Sanjay Tomar, a Delhi-Mumbai artist, blends reality and emotion in photography and film, inspiring viewers to find beauty within the everyday.

Rooh pays homage to women who have battled historic gender oppression. Despite strides towards equality, they are often treated as possessions, their lives bound by societal norms. Drawing from Mani Kaul's Duvidha, where love transcends materialism, this project delves into ownership, identity, and freedom.

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Shetty Karthik's Documentary Photoseries On The Beauty Of Aging

Shetty Karthik

Hailing from Mangalore, India, Shetty Karthik is renowned for his diverse artistry, including portraits, fashion photography, and cinematography.

Gulabi, a documentary photo series named after Shetty's grandmother, offers an intimate glimpse into her daily life in her home in Udupi, Karnataka, India. These photographs reflect the elegance of human spirit amidst aging, while also celebrating the beauty of the mundane. This collection invites us to honour the strength of the human spirit, embrace the charm of growing older, and appreciate the grace of a life well-lived. It's a visual journey, a tribute to enduring wisdom, and an opportunity to revel in the endless beauty of everyday existence.

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Baljit Singh's Photoseries On Maternal Figures & The Bonds Of Sisterhood

Baljit Singh is a Toronto-based photographer whose work focuses on stories of the Sikh community and diaspora.

"I wanted to highlight the importance of women in our lives. Whether it's sisters, motherly figures, or friends. They have given us life, an identity, courage, language, traditions, a safe space and abilities to dream beyond our wildest imaginations. There is an inherit understanding and knowledge of what we as women can do for each other that goes beyond generations, ethnicities, and backgrounds. The essence of sisterhood is nourishment to the soul. And to capture a moment between a grandmother and her granddaughter as simple as braiding each other's hair signifies the long history of resilience braided into each strand as a reminder to live life to our fullest potential."

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Jasmine Gate Is A Photoseries On Sarees, Sisterhood, & Southern Culture

Karan Kumar Sachdev

Mallippū vācal or Jasmine Gate is a joint project of Karan Kumar Sachdev and Jahnvi Bansal.

Inspired by journeys across South India, this series encapsulates friendships and authentic life experiences. The visuals showcase three friends, joyfully donning flower-adorned sarees during a beach day outing, paying homage to timeless South Indian traditions. This narrative mirrors a cherished memory, reflecting the inherent beauty of South India.

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Beghairati Ki Nishaani Is An Exploration Of Shame, Bodies and Gender Dynamics

Aleena Naqvi

In Beghairati Ki Nishaani: Traces of Shamelessness, Pakistani artist Misha Japanwala embarks on a profound exploration of shame, bodies, and gender dynamics. Shot by photographer Aleena Naqvi.

Through the medium of body castings, Misha crafts anonymised representations of Pakistani women, evoking the appearance of oxidized copper statues. With this distinctive approach, it captures the essence of resistance against the scourge of gender violence. These powerful sculptures, each possess the reimagining of the intricate relationship between shame, bodies, and the unyielding spirit of women in the face of adversity.

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