Anjali Mehta's Art Illustrates Womanhood And The Quintessential Human Experience

Anjali Mehta's illustrations depict scenes shaped by her encounters with modern living and womanhood.
Anjali Mehta's illustrations depict scenes shaped by her encounters with modern living and womanhood.Anjali Mehta

Modern living has brought about a plethora of shared problems, universal experiences, and individual struggles. Within this complex labyrinth of experiences, artists have found a way to illustrate the nuances of contemporary life. One such artist is Anjali Mehta, whose illustrations depict scenes shaped by her encounters with modern living and womanhood.

The significance of documenting these contemporary human experiences lies in their potential to resonate with others. Even if not directly relatable, they contribute to a deeper comprehension of modern life as a whole. Artists play a crucial role in bringing these human experiences to life through their creative works and unique styles, making the understanding of our modern existence more accessible and enriching. Through her art, Anjali delves into themes like self-love, mental health, feminism, and more, capturing the intricacies of human emotions and experiences.

Anjali Mehta's illustrations depict scenes shaped by her encounters with modern living and womanhood.
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Anjali Mehta's artwork is intertwined with her life, making it undeniably autobiographical. Anjali, like any creative, finds her art emerging from the exploration of her own emotions and processing her feelings. In 2016, she initiated Journal of Perception, a series as a response to heartbreak, using it as an outlet to express vulnerability. To this day, Anjali continues to utilise it as a means to make sense of her emotions and experiences, resonating deeply with her followers.

Anjali Mehta
IllustrationsAnjali Mehta

Anjali Mehta's creative process is rooted in her real-life encounters as well. Her ongoing project, Camera Roll, captures the essence of her favourite images from her camera roll, immortalising daily musings, encounters, and moments that inspire her. By looking at these illustrations, we get a glimpse into her life and what she sees in a random picture before it turns into her muse. 

The Beauty In Mundane
The Beauty In MundaneAnjali Mehta

What adds to these illustrations and animations is the thoughtful addition of her own words. With each piece she creates, Anjali offers viewers an opportunity to establish a deeper connection, not only with the artwork itself but also with the artist behind it. Through her accompanying words, we get a glimpse of the passion she holds for specific themes, as her emotions shine through her art. Other times, contrastingly, Anjali's art incorporates sardonic and witty texts, skillfully intertwined with her striking use of colour and intricate details. This adds a relatable and engaging dimension to her illustrations, making them resonate deeply with her audience.

Anjali Mehta

Beyond capturing the complexities of womanhood and modern life, Anjali refuses to be confined to a single artistic realm. She ventures into various realms of illustration, including Food and Still Life, showcasing a delightful array of foods she has encountered, Random Projects, and Travel, where she captures the beauty of mundane things during her travels. 

Anjali Mehta
Anjali Mehta

One of Mehta's standout works is a bestselling illustration series titled Enroute Extinction. This collection draws attention to the endangered wildlife species in India, aiming to raise awareness about the urgent need for conservation efforts. Mehta uses her artistic talents and platform to highlight the potential loss of these wildlife animals and their habitats if action is not taken promptly.

Illustrations of Endangered Wildlife Species.
Illustrations of Endangered Wildlife Species. Anjali Mehta

In a world that is abundant with creative content, Anjali Mehta has managed to carve a niche and stands out with her distinct presence. Initially trained in fashion communication and holding a Master's degree in Illustration, she has forged a unique path that sets her apart in capturing the essence of modern living and womanhood.

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