Tired & Lost: Anjali Mehta Illustrates The Woes Of COVID-19 Days

Tired & Lost: Anjali Mehta Illustrates The Woes Of COVID-19 Days
Anjali Mehta

The monotonous nature of the days in lockdown and quarantine weigh quite heavy –– heavier than anything we ever prepared ourselves for. It is not simply the lack of new things to do, it is the dearth of motivation to carry out basic routines. The unending feeling of doom is prevalent, while the transition from one day to another blurs increasingly.

Conveying these thoughts aptly is New Delhi-based illustrator Anjali Mehta –– sprawled on the bed, one wonders when this will end, and we can’t help but agree with her when she says, “Tired of telling myself that, ‘This too shall pass’.” While no activity truly seems to be providing us with any meaning, the only solace we find is in our own company.

Her artwork reads, “Life is confusing at this point,” and we can only nod our heads in agreement. Boredom, loneliness, confusion and demotivation all merge into feelings of an existential crisis –– one that seems to last for days on end. No materialistic objects hold the ability to solve this situation, as much as we wish they did.

One look at Anjali’s artwork will have you relate to it almost instantly.

She says, “Through my illustrations I like to recreate patterns, scenes, and relationships foregrounded by my personal experiences. I like my audience to think and connect with my work through their own emotions and experiences and to finish the story that I have started.”  

It is important to remember that we will all emerge from this –– maybe as different people altogether, but perhaps, that is not the worst thing to happen.

You can find Anjali here.

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