Tarang Joseph's Latest Track Explores The Sublime Euphoria Of Infatuation

Tarang Joseph
Tarang JosephTarang Joseph

Tarang Joseph burst onto the Indian independent music scene with his recent single Superhuman featuring RANJ & Mary Ann Alexander. It charted #1 on A list Pop, Apple Music, #3 on Today's Hits, Apple Music, and 12 other Apple Music editorial playlists. It was recently named in the Top 100 songs of 2022 by Apple Music. Joseph has eight single releases spanning genres from jazz, rhythm & blues, hip-hop, and pop. His music has not just reached the ears of Indian music lovers but has also found international acclaim. His artistry was featured in online independent radio stations such as includes Radio Indigo 91.9, 94.3 Radio ONE, and BBC UK, along with several national and international publications.

The 22-year-old musician hails from the city of Bangalore and is a unique talent. His charisma lends him an exciting stage presence. His combination of vocal prowess, piano virtuosity, and versatile songwriting has captured the hearts of many listeners as he performs as the frontman for his live act The Tarang Joseph Experience. He began his professional career in 2017 with a vocal feature on the electronic track Sunset Runaway- Astra (150k- Spotify), which aired on Hardwell on Air. Immediately, he received support from some of the biggest names in the electronic music scene and the adulation of many fans. Since then, he has not stopped creating music.

Tomorrow, the young musician releases a new romantic song called Ecstacy. It is a song that he wrote back in early 2021 while attempting to capture the ecstatic yet fleeting moments of bliss that we all feel when are deeply in love. The lyrics of the song try to capture the trance-like state one finds themselves in when madly in love — like the effects of a drug that does not wear off. The song’s lyrics are quite poetic such as when the singer compares his lover to a “warm blanket” in the harsh reality of the cold or when he compares the time spent with his beloved as a happy dream from which he refuses to wake up.

A romantic at heart, Joseph initially wanted to use an actual heartbeat of a person as a kick drum to the song. However, Doc Awes, the music producer and sound designer, disagreed with the idea but said that he will bring in the drum sound as closely as he can to emulate an actual heartbeat. Joseph has strategically kept a lot of shimmers on the keys and guitars to retain the dreamy vibe of the song. He has also kept the main vocals very raw to give an intimate feeling. The musician feels that if processed too much it could sound more “perfect” but it loses that intimate energy. The vocals were finally recorded in Stained Class Productions, Bangalore.

Joseph was, however not happy with the final section of the song. It was initially sung by him but he grew weary of his own vocal texture by the end of the song. He thought to himself that the song needed some change with a more delicate energy. At that time Joseph was listening to Get You by Daniel Caesar ft Kali Uchis on repeat and loved how the Kali Uchis feature completely changed the energy of the track during her section. It was then that he got the idea to feature the talented Frizzell Dsouza in his own track.

I had been following Frizzell Dsouza on Youtube since 2019 and I have always been a big fan of her voice, particularly how soothing and delicate her vocal texture was. At the time I had met Frizzell's manager so I showed him the song and asked him to pitch it to Frizzell to see if she was down. She reverted back to me saying she was down to sing on it!

Tarang Joseph

Even though the song got delayed but it is better late than never. With Frizzell's voice added to the soundscape, it adds a new energy dynamic and elevates the track to another level. Joseph is, and so are we, thrilled to have the song released tomorrow.

You can find Tarang Joseph's music here.

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