The Kati Patang Trial Room: A New Avenue Of Exploration For Indian Indie Music

The cover artwork of the compilation
The cover artwork of the compilationSiddhartha Iyer

What happens when a homegrown craft beer brand meets an indie recording label? In this case, they inspire artists to create awesome experimental music. Kati Patang is an Indian craft beer brand, based out of New Delhi and launched in 2018. The brand does justice to the real craft movement, which stands for untethered freedom and creativity. Its recipes, just like the music it promotes, are inventive and unique. Kati Patang has come out with a new initiative called ‘Kati Patang Trial Room’. It is a space launched early this year at the Kati Patang Cafe, with the aim of embracing new ideas and experiments. It is a haven for artists trying to create new songs, prose, and many other forms of uninhibited art.

Kati Patang, in its new journey, has created a musical collaboration with the recording label, Brave Cave, which is based out of Mumbai. The label was started by Samarth Bahl, also known as PapaBear. Brave Cave supports an ever-changing soundscape directed by individuality, exploration, and experimentation. Indie music seeks to break away from the fetters of commercial music and it is this recording label’s vision to be a patron to such freedom-loving musical exploration.

Kati Patang Trial Room Vol. 1 in collaboration with Brave Cave, brings together an eclectic mix of artists from diverse musical backgrounds and provides them with a creative environment to foster fresh new tunes and musical ideas. The sessions are recorded in a studio and released to the public at a later time. Five independent musicians have come together to record their songs and fuel this initiative, which will be released as a compilation. These sessions of synchronized chaos and beauty will drop every week from 28th October onwards on all the major music streaming platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, and Instagram.

The wonderfully intricate album art has been illustrated by Siddhartha Iyer. It depicts all five artists in their song avatars; visually representing every artist based on the lyrics of their songs.

You can check out Kati Patang’s socials here. Find out more about Mumbai’s local indie music scene by visiting Brave Cave’s socials.

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