AI Artwork by The Miniaiturist
AI Artwork by The MiniaituristThe Miniaiturist

The Miniaiturist's AI Art Series Intersects Mughal-Esque Art With Pop Culture & Poetry

"In the web of fate, where heroes wear disguise, Ghalib ponders, which Spiderman beholds the truest eyes?" Mirza Ghalib

- theminiaiturist on Instagram

Who would have thought that Mirza Ghalib and Spiderman could coexist in one sentence? Yet, @theminiaiturist's art on Instagram proves that these poles-apart entities can blend seamlessly together in a hilariously creative way. With the help of AI-generated ChatGPT prompts, the artist's poetry is a playful homage to the mystic poets of the East — Mirza Ghalib and Rumi.

What sets @theminiaiturist's art apart is the fusion of traditional poetry and art with modern technology and contemporary elements. The artist's AI-generated paintings via Midjourney are a departure from the currently trending hyperrealistic forms of AI art, instead, they’re a nod to the intricate and detailed 16th-century Indian miniature paintings.

Works by The Miniaiturist
Works by The MiniaituristThe Miniaiturist

One of the most visually striking works by the artist features a woman donning traditional Indian attire, complete with a lehenga and nathni, DJing over a vintage vinyl turntable. The juxtaposition of the old and new creates an eye-grabbing  and zany contrast. 

Other works by the artist include Mughal era men, dressed in their long "Jama", attempting to dunk a basketball in a basket, Rumi contemplating choice and free will in front of a vending machine, and the people's king, Frank Ocean, depicted in a striking and stoic portrait, with his subjects crowding around him.

In the court of life, where dreams take flight,
Ghalib marvels, as the ball dunks, a majestic sight." Mirza Ghalib
In the court of life, where dreams take flight, Ghalib marvels, as the ball dunks, a majestic sight." Mirza GhalibThe Miniaiturist

You wouldn't expect any of those things to work together, but somehow they fit like a hand in a glove. Anything is possible in 2023, I guess.

You can explore the rest of the artist's work here.

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