The Miniaiturist's AI Art Series Intersects Mughal-Esque Art With Pop Culture & Poetry

AI Artwork by The Miniaiturist
AI Artwork by The MiniaituristThe Miniaiturist

"In the web of fate, where heroes wear disguise, Ghalib ponders, which Spiderman beholds the truest eyes?" Mirza Ghalib

- theminiaiturist on Instagram

Who would have thought that Mirza Ghalib and Spiderman could coexist in one sentence? Yet, @theminiaiturist's art on Instagram proves that these poles-apart entities can blend seamlessly together in a hilariously creative way. With the help of AI-generated ChatGPT prompts, the artist's poetry is a playful homage to the mystic poets of the East — Mirza Ghalib and Rumi.

What sets @theminiaiturist's art apart is the fusion of traditional poetry and art with modern technology and contemporary elements. The artist's AI-generated paintings via Midjourney are a departure from the currently trending hyperrealistic forms of AI art, instead, they’re a nod to the intricate and detailed 16th-century Indian miniature paintings.

Works by The Miniaiturist
Works by The MiniaituristThe Miniaiturist

One of the most visually striking works by the artist features a woman donning traditional Indian attire, complete with a lehenga and nathni, DJing over a vintage vinyl turntable. The juxtaposition of the old and new creates an eye-grabbing  and zany contrast. 

Other works by the artist include Mughal era men, dressed in their long "Jama", attempting to dunk a basketball in a basket, Rumi contemplating choice and free will in front of a vending machine, and the people's king, Frank Ocean, depicted in a striking and stoic portrait, with his subjects crowding around him.

In the court of life, where dreams take flight,
Ghalib marvels, as the ball dunks, a majestic sight." Mirza Ghalib
In the court of life, where dreams take flight, Ghalib marvels, as the ball dunks, a majestic sight." Mirza GhalibThe Miniaiturist

You wouldn't expect any of those things to work together, but somehow they fit like a hand in a glove. Anything is possible in 2023, I guess.

You can explore the rest of the artist's work here.

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