Varun Gupta’s AI Photoseries Is A Dystopian Portrayal Of Hyper-Surveillance

CCTV Nagar
CCTV NagarVarun Gupta

We live in times of hyper-surveillance where most have accepted the invasion of privacy as a norm. In these dystopian times our identity is run down to a bar code, there are restrictions on speech and every move is monitored closely thanks to social media. There is no escaping this vicious cycle as we are forced to succumb to these practices in order to function in society. As the surveillance culture takes a tighter grip over our lives, it is important to visualise the foreseeable future and take charge. 

Artist Varun Gupta has created a visual series titled 'CCTV Nagar', a hypothetical city where CCTV cameras watch your every move, every word, and even your thoughts. An overwhelming amount of cameras take over the visuals, portraying the surveillance using symbolism. This dystopian reality highlights the fading value of privacy as individual freedom and rights are continually infringed on in society. Showcasing the reality where inhabitants are unable to live a private life. Capturing an existence when individuals are constantly monitored by an authoritarian regime. 

“CCTV Nagar” is a reminder of the devastating consequences of giving up our rights in exchange for security. Imagining a foreseeable future of total control over public and private life. The founder and creative director of a boutique future forward content production company ‘We Create Films’, Varun is a self-taught filmmaker with a background in animation. The young storyteller utilises AI tools to highlight important issues using his artistic vision. Often capturing a cinematic universe of fantastical imagination where futuristic concepts dominate the narrative. 

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