This Week In Culture: A Historic Moon Landing, Coffee Flavoured Old Monk, & More

This Week In Culture
This Week In Culture L: ISRO R: Aneesh Bhasin

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Opening Act By Reble

In the world of energetic rap, Reble's Opening Act is a track that dives into her creative personality. The song vividly portrays the inner world of an aspiring underground artist craving the spotlight. As the title hints, it's a peek into what her upcoming album holds. Produced by Tre Ess, Opening Act sets the stage for an electrifying performance.


Chandrayaan-3 successfully lands on Moon
Chandrayaan-3 successfully lands on MoonISRO

Chandrayaan-3 Successfully Lands On Moon

The recent successful landing of Chandrayaan-3's lander and rover near the lunar south pole on August 23rd stands as a historic milestone. The lander and rover successfully landed in the vicinity of the lunar south pole, propelling India into the distinguished position of being the first nation to softly land a spacecraft near this lunar region. Not only does this achievement make India the fourth country to land on the Moon and the first to do so near the lunar south pole, but it also instils immense national pride. The achievement is set to open doors for numerous start-ups and businesses operating in space tech, aerospace, defence, and research and development sectors.

Read more about the landing here.


The Museum Of The Mundane

The Museum of the Mundane serves as an innovative cultural archive through its focus on materiality and spaces. The exhibition by Abhijit Deb Nath delves deep into the intricate relationship between the material essence of these objects, the spaces they inhabit, and the dynamic discourse they share with our social identities and human connections. By doing so, the series transcends surface-level observations and invites us to contemplate the intricate interplay of materiality, space, and identity that shapes our lived experiences.

Read more about the exhibition here.


Old Monk Coffee
Old Monk Coffee Aneesh Bhasin

Old Monk Coffee

Introducing Old Monk Coffee — an inventive blend of the beloved Old Monk Rum and the aromatic richness of coffee. This innovation brings a new twist by infusing coffee, creating a delightful balance of flavors. The subtle coffee essence complements the rum's depth, offering a refined and balanced drinking experience. Best enjoyed straight or over ice, Old Monk Coffee makes for a refreshing and appealing post-dinner treat, further establishing Old Monk's reputation in the beverage realm.

Read more here.

Manam Chocolate
Manam ChocolateL: Pankaj Anand R: Daniel D'souza

Manam Chocolate

Manam Craft Chocolate introduces a subtle elegance to Indian craft chocolate. With a commitment to quality and sophistication, Manam's creations go beyond mere confectionery, offering a sensory journey that embraces the essence of cacao. By meticulously sourcing ingredients and employing traditional techniques, the brand crafts chocolate that's a blend of artistry and flavour. Each piece resonates with a quiet, yet profound charm, contributing to the premium Indian craft chocolate landscape.

Read more here.


Moonray Collection
Moonray Collection Moonray

Moonray Fashion

The Homegrown fashion label Moonray is making waves by merging craftsmanship, conscious design, and cultural liberation. With a distinct approach, Moonray embodies a creative ethos that goes beyond mere fashion, embodying a profound cultural narrative and social consciousness. By combining traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics, the label underscores the importance of cultural preservation and progression. As Moonray continues to evolve, it not only redefines fashion but also reimagines culture and its role in our lives.

Find out more about the label here.

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