This Week In Culture: An All-Queer Comedy Line Up, An 80s-Inspired EP, & More

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Solo At Your Party By Hashbass

Delhi-based musician & producer Hashbass releases his new EP Solo At Your Party. The mood on the EP ebbs and flows from sombre to anger to finger-snapping upbeat. Everybody, the last song on the EP, was the first that Harshit wrote. Carefree and light, the track is the definition of easy listening. “I can never forget the feeling of writing the groove for Everybody. It was special. There’s something about the neon energy that attracts me like crazy… mixed with the carefree and absolute risk-taking attitude the 80’s music had” he shares.

Listen to the EP here.


Kohrra On Netflix

Kohrra, a gripping Indian crime thriller police procedural TV series streaming on Netflix, is the brainchild of Sudip Sharma and directed by Randeep Jha. The story revolves around the discovery of a deceased British groom just days before his wedding. As the plot unfolds, two dedicated cops find themselves entangled in the troubling case, while simultaneously navigating their own personal turmoil. The show artfully combines the elements of a captivating murder mystery, a poignant depiction of Punjab's culture, and a profound exploration of human emotions and societal complexities.

Watch it here.


Muddra - An Art Toy

Drawing upon the historical significance of mudras and their role as a non-verbal from of expression, a new art toy combines this ancient spiritual practice with science fiction as a character-based resin figurine called Muddra. Designed by Dilpreet Singh, a graphic and user experience designer, specializing in product creation, interface design, branding, illustration, and character development, Muddra is a master storyteller with silhouettes reminiscent of both humanoid robots and ancient Indian gods.

Get it here.


Shifuku Opens In Andheri, Mumbai

Located in Andheri Lokhandwala, Shifuku is a pinnacle of pan-Asian gastronomy. This remarkable restaurant offers flawless execution, meticulous attention to detail, and a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor seating. Under the expert guidance of Satish, the dining experience becomes truly memorable. Founded by AmanSingh Deep and Monika Rathore, Shifuku in Mumbai serves dishes from various Asian cuisines alongside their unique fusion creations, adding a touch of sophistication with its stunning bar and sushi bar.


Queer Rated Comedy At antiSOCIAL

Don't miss out on the laughter riot at Queer Rated Comedy, India's first all-queer line-up featuring some of the country's top comics who are out, proud, and guaranteed to deliver the biggest laughs. Join the hilarious acts of Subaranjan, Gilheri, Doel, and Ritushree, with the charismatic Navin Noronha as the host. Mark your calendar for Saturday, the 29th of July, from 7 PM to 9 PM at antiSOCIAL Mumbai. Register here for an unforgettable comedic experience.


Photography Workshop & Photowalk

Join the interactive DSLR photography workshop at CPB Foundation, Kottivakam, on the 29th of July, 2023, from 10 AM to 5 PM. Participants will explore the essentials of using a DSLR camera, including aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, while experimenting with composition and lighting techniques. The workshop, led by expert mentor Gayatri Nair, a seasoned photographer based in Chennai, offers a thrilling photowalk where attendees can practice their skills and receive personalized feedback.

Book your slot here.

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