Yuhina's New Vocal-Centric Electronica EP Is A Rich Exploration Of Personal Identity

Yuhina's New Vocal-Centric Electronica EP Is A Rich Exploration Of Personal Identity

In the realm of electronic music, Yuhina (Yuhina Lhamu Lachungpa) emerges as a multifaceted artist, weaving her talents as a vocalist, songwriter, composer, and electronic music producer. Originally rooted in Gangtok and now based in Bangalore, Yuhina's artistic journey has taken a profound turn from her corporate past as a Product Designer to a realm where vocal-centric, ethereal electronica becomes her chosen form of self-expression.

Yuhina's upcoming EP, titled MNEMONIC, unfolds as a deeply introspective narrative presented in five parts. This musical odyssey spans four years, delving into multiple dark nights of the soul and the experience of rebirth. Each track serves as a symbolic marker for personal milestones, unveiling and assimilating factors that either hindered or facilitated Yuhina's transformative journey. The very title, 'Mnemonic', reflects the essence of the project — a system of letters, ideas, or associations aiding in the remembrance of one's true self.

Furthermore, MNEMONIC extends beyond just auditory delights. Yuhina introduces a unique element to the project, with hand-crafted merchandise featuring atypical jewelry in Sterling Silver and crystals. Each piece of jewelry corresponds to a specific track on the EP, offering a tangible connection to the music, uniquely designed and meticulously handmade by Yuhina herself.

One of the tracks from the EP, titled OMW (On My Way), encapsulates a poignant theme of healing from the past while steadfastly looking towards the future. It embodies a delicate yet resolute act of letting go—a true sense of freedom experienced for the very first time.

As a prelude to the EP, Yuhina has already released a music video for "OMW," providing a visual dimension to the emotive resonance of the track. Immersing viewers in an ethereal dreamscape, the music video is set against misty evenings and bathed in the glow of neon lights, with the visuals unfold like a mesmerizing dream. The enchanting scenes, paired blur the lines between reality and reverie and the lyrics poignantly declare, 'So long, farewell. I was under your spell. I’ll be on my way now to myself'. This lyrical sentiment, coupled with Yuhina's atmospheric sonic landscape, sets the stage for an EP that promises to be a deeply personal and musically rich exploration of identity and self-discovery.

Follow Yuhina here and watch the music video for OMW below.

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