7 Contemporary Indian Jewellery Designers With Distinct Identities

7 Contemporary Indian Jewellery Designers With Distinct Identities

“I have enough Jewellery!” - said no one ever. With the onset of a new wave of contemporary jewellery designers in India, we thought it was time you knew who to look out for. All the designers we have chosen create pieces that will drop a statement like no other, but can also work seamlessly with a black t-shirt and white pants - and this is key. You wear your jewellery, don’t let it wear you. With concept jewellery done like never before, while still merging age old tradition and craft, these designers are on everyone’s list. Here’s every name in the industry you need to have in your collection starting now.

Dhora - a brand that is as evocative of mystery as it is stunning. With clean silhouettes and a sophistication matched by no other, this brand exudes desert glamour. While Aavriti R Jain and Siddharth Daspan (the brains behind Dhora) have great sense of personal style, their accessories are not to be missed. These statement pieces are bound to get you noticed, with people asking “Where did you get that from?” After all, it’s not often that you get a mish mash of Indian karigari and quirky designs.

HG Loves: We A-Dhora the rings from this collection, they’re minimalist, neat and will make any look seem chic. Their mesh work is intricate and beautiful as well. Their Fish earring for Rs. 1,750 will make you feel elegant and quirky at the same time.

Cost: Their bits and bobs will cost you anywhere between Rs. 800 to Rs. 5000.

Image Source: Dhora

Dvibhumi - accessories with a story. Each piece is curated using a blend of historical geometric patterns and matte finishes with monochrome - it doesn’t just make a statement, it finishes every hanging sentence. While Vyshnavi of Dvibhumi designs out of Singapore, she incorporates the talents of master craftsmen in both India and Indonesia to provide quality.

HG Loves: Their earrings are just magical. A particular favourite are the Naga Tusk earrings. According to their website, “Naga is an interpretation of the Subeng - traditional Balinese earrings worn by women during ceremonies and stage performances”. A particular theme revolving around Dvibhumi’s work is her emphasis on using cultural and historical elements from both Indonesia and India.

Cost: The Naga Earrings cost Rs. 11,375, which is steep but so worth it to possess something this cool. Their price range goes anywhere from Rs. 6000- 13,000.

A perfect amalgamation of art and travel experiences, are set in the form of stunning pieces of jewellery at Misho. The brand is able to effortlessly make a statement with its product line, including rings, bangles, earrings and necklaces, while still being understated.

Characterized by simplified geometric forms, clean lines and minimalism, the label moulds “modern architecture for the body.” The pieces, inspired by the Bauhaus school of art and Japanese minimalism, are fun, quirky, edgy as well as sophisticated so they transition quite seamlessly from work to dinner.

HG Loves: Although all pieces are bold enough to make a statement but it’s the Earcuff that steals the show especially the ‘Katana Collection’ which gives the illusion of cutting through the ear. Edgy yet elegant they will make you noticeably different in the room.

En Inde’s work comprises of pieces that are strong, resilient and simple - made from industrial steel and jute. How much more powerful can you get wearing one of these pieces? Their jewellery is bespoke - usually not replicated. The pieces reflect two sides of the coin that is India; one that is industrialised and urban, and the other that is indigenous and rural. Each side captures the spirit of this nation in Anupama Sukh Lalvani’s handiwork.

HG Loves: Their bold, yet understated necklaces; a must have in any accessory lover’s closet.

Cost: Custom made so prices differ based on request

Handcrafted pieces inspired by the striking structures of Florence, Milan, and the pantheon in Rome, Roma Narsinghani designs jewellery for the modern woman. Each piece represents someone who desires power and posses a sense of individuality. The pieces strike a very interesting balance between form and functionality.

HG LOVES: The whimsical collection of hair accessories are bold and beyond beautiful - a must have for anyone looking to make a striking statement.

Roma Narsinghani/Facebook

VI. Kichu

Where in the world are you going to get “Sharktooth” earrings and a Bison head necklace? Chances are you’d find it a challenge, unless you were a fan of Kichu. Kichu Dandiya’s brass and gold work is more reminiscent of things you’d find at an apothecary’s den or a taxidermy’s study than your regular Indian store, but it leaves you with a style that’s cultivated, yet edgy. High brow fashionistas and alternative indie culture lovers find Kichu a statement they can’t live without. Drawing inspiration from various ethnicities and highly appreciative of traditional cultures, Kichu proves that the traditional doesn’t necessarily mean boring, and that you can rock gold necklaces without becoming the neighbourhood’s new aunty. Kichu believes firmly in the idea that fashion jewellery is not just “junk jewellery”. You would be hard pressed to find an accessories hoarder who does not own at least one piece from this pop-up store regular.

HG Loves: Her Scarab Pendant, which will make you feel ready to float on the Nile a la Cleopatra, with grapes by your side.

Cost: Prices begin at Rs. 1,000, but they also differ based on whether you want a custom piece

Hailing from a family of textile designers, Priyadarshini Himatsingka paved the way in jewellery design with her love for quaint details that weave together modern minimalism and old fashioned elegance, in exquisite wearable poetry. Born and brought up in Calcutta with a heavy influence of style and design, She works from her studio in Providence, Rhode Island.

With a dash of wabi- sabi influence each jewel is handcrafted in her distinct personal style. Her jewellery is primarily in gold and silver but often combines both the metals to create a timeless classic. Apart from that her collections also include the use of rose cut diamonds and smoky stones. Lightweight and ethereal, her designs are very organic and edgy yet they retain a feminine elegance that redefines simplicity.

HG Loves: These modern classics are ethereal and can transform your everyday look into a timeless style statement. The bridal collection gives wedding jewellery a new twist- an elegant edge that redefines tradition with a modern voice and style.

Cost : Pieces begin at $80.

A previous version of this article erroneously carried an image from designer Malvika Vasvani’s Instagram page who was on last year’s list of Independent Jewellery Designers, instead of from designer Roma Narsinghani’s Facebook page. We apologise for the error.

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