10 Vintage & Reconstructed Fashion Instagram Stores For Your Bygone Era Penchant

10 Vintage & Reconstructed Fashion Instagram Stores For Your Bygone Era Penchant
(L) Viange Vintage ; RedEmpress (R)

At some point in time, we have all wished to be able to pull off the fashion of the past. Whether it be the pantsuits of the ‘70s, punk-rock leather jackets of the ‘80s or flannel and satin from the ‘90s, a peculiar charm of theirs remains till today.

There’s something about vintage fashion that coerces it to make a comeback regularly. It’s either that, or it never left in the first place. Either way, we don’t mind it!

Vintage fashion and its timelessness is appreciated and loved by many across India but so far, it was always cumbersome to get one’s hands on anything vintage. With the advent of the internet and later social media, this chink in the vintage buying scene was smoothed over.

A few people out there are just as passionate about making vintage clothing available to everyone as we are about consuming them. Some even put in the thought, effort and labour into reconstructing old pieces into new ones that maintain the original’s integrity, but now hold a slight edge. We have put together a list of online stores that will fulfil your vintage and vintage reconstructed needs through beautifully and carefully curated collections of items whose appeal transcends time.

I. Aima Vintage

One look at Aima’s feed and we magically travel back in time. Reminding us of a style that feels familiar but makes us go “wow” even now, Aima Vintage curates what can be considered the essence of the 60s and 70s. With blouses in more than just floral print (which themselves are eccentric), the collection at Aima extends to pleated skirts, colourful shirts and sometimes even a coordinated set or two. Their latest shirts and handbags collection has us wishing we had reached there sooner!

You can find Aima Vintage here.

II. Bodements

One thing of many that we’re thankful to vintage stores for is giving us access to fashion from overseas. Bodements offers us a handpicked collection of vintage fashion from all over the globe. With the belief that real beauty is forever and that these vintage treasures are proof of just that, Bodements preserves and enhances the qualities of pre-loved pieces through upcycling and creating one-off, exclusive items.

You can find Bodements here.

III. Bygone Echoes Men

With a collection predominantly for males, Bygone Echoes Men has an eclectic curation of shirts. These pieces do not create your average looks – it’s like they were made for you to step up your fashion game. From bold prints to slightly more subtle patterns, Bygone Echoes throws away the concept of what is acceptable and what is not. It sparks our curiosity – are the shirts completing the look, or the confidence they bring with it?

You can find Bygone Echoes Men here.

IV. Carol’s Shop & Tea Room

With handpicked vintage collectables from around the world, Carol’s Shop presents a range of items that are bound to make you go, ‘I need that.’ Collections of shirts that define bold elegance and other pieces that highlight culture from around the world are a couple of the reasons you should be shopping from here. Not your average vintage collection, but with its exclusive pieces that aim to promote slow fashion, it’s mighty difficult to look away.

You can find Carol’s Shop & Tea Room here.

V. Formikamo

A vast collection of vintage handbags, shoes, pantsuits and so much more make Formikamo what they are. Kajol, Rani Mukherjee, Shilpa Shetty and more constitute their vintage inspirations (also girl crushes). Serving looks straight from the ‘80s and ‘90s, Formikamo ships its curated collections from New York to India and throughout the USA.

You can find Formakimo here.

VI. Grandma Would Approve

Defining vintage reconstruction and upcycling, Grandma Would Approve presents vintage pieces in ways unimaginable. Vintage jackets and denim have never looked fresher. Colourful, confident and out-there, this store does not shy away from bold looks and extraordinary designs. Their one-off pieces are sure to make you commend their skills and keep you coming back for more.

You can find Grandma Would Approve here.

VII. RedEmpress

There’s a lot that can define RedEmpress, but the sheer power and energy it radiates through its collection are unparalleled. They collect exclusive one-off vintage pieces from across the world, which will definitely complete the perfect vintage outfit you have been eyeing. Striking shirts with prominent prints and designs, RedEmpress is bringing sexy back with their carefully curated collection.

You can find RedEmpress here.

VIII. The Local Vintage

Curated vintage women’s wear of the 80s and 90s has never looked better. Shirts, skirts, coats, trousers, The Local Vintage has got it all. Going by the motto ‘Save the world but make it fashion,’ the store definitely lives up to it – Anti-fast fashion, sustainable and fashionable all in one. Putting out gallant looks in items that can be found just here, The Local Vintage holds high points for its curation.

You can find The Local Vintage here.

IX. Viange Vintage

Viange’s range of jewellery is nothing short of decadent. With accessories from the likes of Chanel and Moschino, Viange curates the best and is also India’s first vintage designer jewellery store. From earrings to brooches and necklaces to bracelets, be prepared to be spoiled by options here. These designs, that are exclusive and available just once exude all the luxury one desires. Who said vintage is meant just for clothes?

You can find Viange Vintage here.

X. VRTT Vintage

If you’re on the lookout for previously owned luxury goods, VRTT is the place to be. Presenting handbags, clutches and shoes that are to die for, this store has created and maintained an aesthetic of its own. The Instagram feed itself is a dream to look at and the products take all the credit. From Balenciaga to Louis Vuitton and YSL to Chanel, VRTT’s curation is one that makes a statement.

You can find VRTT Vintage here.

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