3 Homegrown Jewellery Brands At The Intersection Of Storytelling, Design, & Identity

(L): APARA DISUM (R): Studio Love Letter
(L): APARA DISUM (R): Studio Love Letter

For many, fashion is a form of self-expression, identity, and becoming. This is why it comes as no surprise that many designers weave narratives and stories into everything they create.

Among jewellery designers too, some focus on the inspiration behind their designs, others try to bring a piece of their home to their art, and many try to tap into a feeling or memory.

At Homegrown, whatever that story may be, we love to know about it. Here are three unique jewellery brands that marry storytelling and design like never before.

APARA DISUM's Dreamscape Collection'21

Founded by Anurag Gupta in New Delhi in 2020, APARA DISUM is a high-art jewellery brand that is pushing the boundaries of design by steering away from the conventional use of materials and gemstones to capture our collective understanding of jewellery design.

An experimental brand with a global outlook, APARA DISUM’s pieces are built firmly upon the integration of high-art and jewellery. Though the jewellery borrows heavily from ethnic art forms, it tries to steer away from an ethnic aesthetic, giving the jewellery a fresh and imaginative design.

The name of the brand translates to ‘paradise’ and the brand’s core philosophy in their own words is ‘...to renovate heritage artforms, combined with traditional jewellery-making practices and a cutting-edge design language, to create one-of-a-kind jewellery that feels straight out of paradise’.

You can check out APARA DISUM here.

Olio's Collection

With a collection of unique chains, pendants, and earrings among other classic pieces of jewellery, Olio Stories is run by entrepreneur duo Aashna Singh and Sneha Saksena. Offering 18K gold plated modern heirlooms, the brand embraces all the things everyone loves about jewellery.

All their collections are unique and are made in limited quantities which works well for them both as a sustainable slow-fashion brand as well as something that offers a sense of exclusivity for customers. All their pieces are handmade using an ancient lost-wax casting method by gifted artisans in Jaipur, India.

You can check out their collection here.

Studio Love Letter's Collection

Founded by Anmol Vaswani, Studio Love Letter was born during the pandemic in 2020 as a way to channelize Vaswani’s creative energy. Having an island girl, vacation-ish aesthetic to it, the brand is fun and flirty at its core with unmistakable undertones of 90s nostalgia.

Like most conscious brands of this generation, Love Letter also stands for sustainability. In an interview with Platform Vaswani said, ‘...our signature collection — which is also our bestselling collection and is the core offering of the brand, available perennially — is made from GRS certified recycled plastic. In addition, we’ve been exploring other sustainable materials like ethical lab-grown diamonds and responsibly sourced precious and semi-precious stones. We’ve also started working with an NGO, where we employ the women enrolled in their Vocational Training program and teach them a new craft as a way for them to gain financial independence. We just launched, in April, the first product we made with them — our Gemma belt.’

You can check out their collection here.

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